Little girls with great big dreams » Grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of giggles.

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  • I’m Renee Bell. And the little girl by my side (who has great big dreams of her own) is my daughter Liana.

    Liana is the reason I do what I do, I am who I am and I live how I live. She makes me want to be this happy, caring thoughtful person and together we live our lives surrounded by whimsical girliness, happy colours and wonderful people. Our lives are enveloped by those we hold dearest, the things we hold precious and the joy we find in each other’s company.

    This is so much more than a space to show-off our pretty pictures. You’ll learn how to cultivate gratitude + giggle more, as you grow into a happier, healthier lifestyle.

    This is your dream space, too.

Little Girls With Great Big Dreams with Renee Bell