No matter your age, or what your dreams are
here at Little girls with great big dreams you can:

Dream big and work on developing your self-trust so that you make decisions that are truly right for you.

Start (and continue to) consciously + creatively deepen your relationship to yourself.

Learn to invest in your health and wellbeing, as well as your emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

Be creative every day and in many ways.


Focus on living, rather than just dreaming
about, the life you most want to live.


Stay in the loop. (That’s where all the fun is).



Want to eat healthier, care for your skin and body using natural products, and also do your little bit to help care for this amazing earth we live on?  We can help you with that for sure. So much inspiration coming your way!

No idea what you want to “be when you grow up?” That is so totally fine, but let us give you some fun things to explore while you grow your skills and experience. Life is a journey, so enjoy every step along the way!

Need more hobbies or want to be more adventurous? We can absolutely offer suggestions.

Cant remember what day it is or when your next assignment is due? We can help with planning tips for school, and for life. That doesn’t mean we are experts, and perfectly organised ALL of the time. But we try our best and will pass on as many ideas as we can to you.

Is your big huge dream sporting or business related? Find tips and advice from us and a team of experts who have all been there before…

Got icky friendship “stuff” going on? Let’s see if we can help you work your way through that.


This is your dream space, too.

The Little girls with great big dreams vision:

It is our intention to educate every girl (and her mama) about her miraculous body and about the foods and lifestyle choices that nourish and sustain her, allowing her to grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of giggles.