5 tips to prepare for your face mask experience

face mask mixture

5 ways to prepare for a face mask…

Because all kinds of crazy stuff can happen when you cover your face in clay + herbs and expect it to be a lovely relaxing experience…

(DISCLAIMER really this post was partly just an excuse to smother someone else’s face in a lovely gooey clay concoction and take fun photos!! We hope you enjoy it.)



How about I rewind a little first…

Nourishing self care rituals have been a little neglected in my life lately. Since I haven’t been feeling great for most of this year, things have definitely slipped in that department. I stopped saying I love and accept myself (+ I even took the bracelet off!) The gym, walking and my yoga practice went down the drain, and I barely meditated. (I have read a lot of fiction though!)  Since deciding that natural skincare was the way to go several years ago and then promptly reacting to the fragrance or some other ingredient in almost everything I tried, I didn’t even have a lovely skincare routine to fall back on. No bath in our current house, and make up – well, I don’t actually own anything other than mascara at the moment!

So it was time to take action. I started researching new brands that used ingredients I though I could tolerate, and who had great business morals. Supporting small artisan companies with hand made products is always a preference of mine.

Along the way I decided it was also perfect timing to start to teach Liana about skin care. She is 11 now, and starting to get the occasional pimple on her face, plus I thought it would be a fun ritual to add to our days.  Although she has had the “clean your teeth every morning and night” routine down pat for many years, other things like regularly brushing hair and wearing deodorant are just not on her radar. Washing her face is not something she is in the habit of doing just yet.

So lets change that, and have some fun along the way!!!


Why use a face mask?

Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with any skin problems or concerns you have.  The right face mask can help hydrate your skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores.  They’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities.

A few benefits of using a face mask:


Deep cleansing

Unclog pores

Glowing skin

Generally you would use a face mask once a week, or when you have any specific concerns that need addressing.



As I mentioned above, crazy + funny + silly things can happen when you introduce face masks to someone who has never used one before… Here are a few of the mistakes we dont want you to make, and some fun action photos along the way!


Face mask preparation. 5 tips for you.

1. Prepare for the fact that the mask is going to be some kind of weird (read: surprising) colour!

Just because it looks a nice tame white or brown colour in the jar, does not mean you wont end up with a lovely shade of burgundy all over your bits… On that note – wear black, just in case you make a mess. To point out the obvious – you will most likely absolutely make a mess if you are doing a face mask for the first time with a tween!

Or better yet – wear nothing at all. If you have a bath in your house (we don’t) get in there – baths are good places for face masks.

In the Hibiscus Beauty face mask used for this photo shoot – it is the hibiscus that gives the red/ burgundy colour. Natures Botox – super high in natural AHA’s (alpha hyrdoxy acids) it works at removing dead skin cells, renewing old skin cells, and is full of collagen boosting vitamin c and beta carotene.*

Seriously amazing stuff, and the colour is very pretty once you get over the shock!!

face mask preparationface mask erica brooke

2. Know all the rules before you start.

How much water do you add (if you are starting with a dry mask)? Where exactly should you put it on your face or body? Are there areas you need to avoid? How long do you leave it on for? How thick should you put it on your skin?  No one wants to be running round the house googling for instructions mid face mask…

3. Try not to laugh, smile, talk or move your face in any way once the mask has set.

Because the mask sets on your face. By that I mean it goes hard.

(Face mask 101 – Face masks generally contain several types of clay, in addition to herbs and flowers.  The clay does the drawing of the impurities and detoxing of the skin, and the herbs and flowers are for healing and soothing.)*

So – the face mask kinda crumbles away if you move to vigorously – as the 11 year old in these photos did, laughing at how funny she looked running from mirror to mirror – leaving a trail of face mask crumbs around the house. Now, who is cleaning that mess up?

face mask tips dont laugh

 4. Make sure you don’t need to answer the door. Plan some quiet relax time – alone.

Captain Obvious, right? The courier will absolutely come early on the day that you decide to relax with a face mask. Yikes! The same applies if you have small children who are sleeping.  They WILL wake up! You will likely scar them for life and they will think you are the boogey monster and cry every time they look at you for a week. (That happened to a friend of mine!)

Plan some chill out time for 15 minutes or so after applying the mask. Read a book. Do your nails. Watch Gossip Girl. Don’t eat cake. (See point 3 above)

relaxing face mask

5. Work out how you will get the mask off, before you start.

Are you going to get in the shower? If so – are you still fully clothed? You will need an exit clothes strategy, that is best planned before you apply the mask. See point 3 above.

Are you going to try and rinse it off at the sink using water and a face washer? Prepare for potential puddles of water all over the bathroom sink and be sure to move everything that could be bumped by your elbow well away from the sink – you don’t need more stuff to clean up! Have a towel (or two) close by. Dark coloured towels of course!

What ever you do – don’t start at the sink, and then decide the shower is easier…  If you are still fully clothed, it wont be. (Yes, that happened!)

tips for face mask removal


* Expert opinions provided by Erica Brooke Skincare.

Get your Hibiscus Beauty face mask here.

We hope you enjoyed our fun little photo adventure with this gorgeous face mask!  A few of the more serious tips in addition to our fun:

  • Go gentle when you are removing any face mask.  You don’t want to scrub really hard at the skin to remove it, take your time!
  • After your face mask has been washed off treat your skin lovingly. A little toner (if you use it) and then a light layer of moisturiser. You can then also follow up with a facial oil for some extra nurturing and an oil containing some gorgeous essential oils specific for your skin type is a great product to have.  There are some divine facial oil options that Erica makes that I highly recommend checking out…

I would love to hear from you in the comments below – have you had a face mask or DIY skin care disaster? Also – what is your favourite way to relax while you are pampering yourself?


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