5 Tips for managing knotty and tangled hair

Ahhh knotty hair!

Brushing hair… Washing hair… Threats to cut off hair… Caring for hair – the one topic that causes stress in our house on a daily basis!

5 Tips for managing knotty and tangled hair

Liana’s hair is long, and very beautiful when it is cared for – but it is a lot of work! Having to wear a hat 5 days a week at school causes breakage around the areas where the hat sits, and also having it in a ponytail or plait every day causes breakage also. Then summer! Argh – summer is not good for hair. Imagine spending an hour or two washing, treating, brushing hair – and then deciding to go for a swim! Not good at all. Also kids tend to have fine hair and sensitive scalps which makes it tangle easier and the pulling and tugging on the hair to brush it hurt so much more. Note: you can still have fine hair – but lots of it, like Liana does!

Today we have a few tips for caring for your hair (no matter how long it is) and trying to avoid as many knots as possible.

(Here is another before photo for you before we get started! Hehe 🙂 )

knotty and frizzy hair


5 Tips for managing knotty and tangled hair…

Sleep on a silk pillow case.

Silk is known to cause less breakage of hair (which can cause split ends) because it is naturally a smoother surface. The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like split ends. Hence the term “silky smooth” :). Cotton is said to make your hair staticy and cause bunching and knots as well.

pineapple heads detanglerUse a detangling spray.

Detangling sprays are great as they can alter the surface of your hair, smoothing down the surface of it allowing each strand to slide nicely against the other and preventing the static electricity that can make the tangles worse. There are many possible ingredients in hair detangler, some contain harsh chemicals and silicones which are not great if you are repeatedly using them – so as always we recommend using as organic + natural as possible. One we have been using recently is Pineapple Heads Raspberry Detangler – it smells amazing and is free of all the nasty chemicals.

Use a good quality brush.

The key to a great detangling brush is soft flexible bristles that won’t snag or pull hair. Many also have a cushioned base and/or a unique bristle construction designed to glide through hair and painlessly remove knots. Most of these brushes are plastic, and you can also use a wide tooth comb in the shower while the conditioner is still in your hair to gently work out some of the knots.

I have heard lots of people say that the “tangle teezer” is amazing but we have one called the Michael Mercier’s Girls Brush. A normal brush design is a one level brushing surface, resulting in a high pressure while brushing the hair but this brush has a unique geometric distribution of its 428 bristles of varying heights, which disperse the pressure placed on hair during brushing.  The result is a far more pleasant brushing experience it glides smoothly through wet or dry hair, curly or straight. You can get these from most hair warehouse type stores.

Use serums.

Serums can help smooth the surface of your hair allowing it to become silky smooth and more manageable. It also makes hair shinier and provides a more healthy appearance. Be sure to look for products that do not contain alcohol, apply to lightly towel dried hair and apply in the direction of the cuticle – from top to bottom, smoothing down gently. A few that we love that we have spoken more about in the past are Moroccan Argan oil, and also Egyptian magic balm. You can also check out the serums & oils in the natural skin care section at Shop Naturally as the range of pure oils and serums make for multi-tasking hair treatments and help to manage knots and tangles in your hair too!

plait hair to reduce tangles




Plait your hair loosely when sleeping, swimming or jumping on the trampoline.

Liana has learns all these lessons the hard way, but you save lots of drama if you can remember to loosely plait your hair if you are ever swimming, jumping or in a windy place. It keeps the hair contained and reduces the friction. You will thank us later 😉





Now for the after picture!!!
Smooth hair, gorgeous waves and a happy smile! This should last a few days or till the next swim… Bring on winter I say (and High School where there is no compulsory wearing of hats!)  Do you have any other tips and tricks for managing knotty and tangled hair? Please let us know below.


tangle and knot free hair

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