renee and liana

 I’m Renee Bell.

 I’m a professional photographer. An artist. A life + health coach. A teen mentor.

And a mother.

The little girl by my side (who has great big dreams of her own) is my daughter Liana.

Liana is the reason I do what I do, I am who I am and I live how I live.

She makes me want to be this happy, caring thoughtful person and together we live our lives surrounded by whimsical girliness, happy colours and wonderful people. Our lives are enveloped by those we hold dearest, the things we hold precious and the joy we find in each others company.


Welcome to our virtual play space.

Renee and Liana, little girls with great big dreams, renee bell photographer, mother and daughter

We can help you dream bigger to consciously create a life of whimsy + wonder.


Because we believe that every girl needs a role model to look up to we have created a virtual playspace that encourages creativity, conscious living, gratitude and giggles. As a mother | daughter team we provide an inspirational dream space from both the tween and parent perspectives and our events, eCourses, books and advice are well researched and geared towards helping you to dream bigger and to consciously create a life of whimsy + wonder.








Back to me (Renee) and the relationship I have with my daughter.

Our life really is as beautiful as what you see in our pictures. And by beautiful, I mean messy, real and tender, not highly polished perfection. We live each day as a creative opportunity. Which doesn’t mean our life is perfect at all.  Every chance to fuel ourselves with fun, food fresh from the garden, or fabulous ideas, we take — and share with you here.



“All that I seek in my own life is what I seek for my daughter.

It’s my intention to educate Liana about her miraculous body, about the foods and lifestyle choices that nourish and sustain her.

Together, in this place, we invite you to share our passion.”


Renee and Liana by Jesh de Rox, renee bell, liana kathryn




Our Story (Renee’s version…)

Well, I certainly didn’t set out on the path of motherhood knowing all the answers. Nor did I set out intentionally (Liana was a sooner-than-planned pregnancy). The pregnancy was not so fun… and the birth was a bit of a blur, but eventually I was handed a perfectly healthy gorgeous baby girl. A few years later there was a divorce and a new life as a dynamic duo (Liana was almost 2), that really could not have been more a perfect life path for us if I had planned it.

There was a consideration towards studying web design, and even towards studying nutrition… But the universe stepped in… After a bout of pneumonia + 6 months of recurrent tonsillitis, within the space of a week I sold my house, quit my part time job, and had my tonsils removed.

It was November 2007. I was a single mum to a 3 year old.

I banked the proceeds from the sale of my house, Liana and I moved into my parents granny flat and we spent the summer by the pool.

Me with a new camera in hand, and with a willing model by my side…

And the rest, as they say, is history…

liana candy cane

renee+liana jinky

liana bw series

liana kathryn little girls with great big dreams


What do I do, and what have I done… (and what will I do next)


Fast forward 9 years from there and what do I do now? What has changed, what do I love?
The answer is LOTS! Like, really lots & lots. I’m a multi passionate, excitable, time and project juggling creative with a fascination for learning.

I love to cook and bake (sugar is my weakness!), I get incredibly excited about essential oils and I am often better at helping others solve their problems than brainstorming my own. I am still yet to grow an edible zucchini (certainly not through lack of trying), despite a luscious veggie patch which produces hundereds of tomatoes, the best spinach ever and an (over) abundance of basil. But I really really want home grown zucchini! Lots of home grown zucchini! How hard can it be?

I love beautiful things, kikki-k stationery is an obsession of mine and I would never (EVER) sing karaoke. If Dave Grohl wanted to marry me (or even just take me out to dinner) I would not hesitate to say “hell yes!” and some days I like to imagine myself in an episode of Gossip Girl. On those days I binge watch a few episodes of it on Netflix & wonder what it would be like to meet Chuck Bass. Or to have hair like Serena.

Apart from being mama to a gorgeous almost 14 year old girl named Liana (and a recent fur-baby addition to our family – a kitten named Nigella) I have immersed myself in my work as an in-demand pregnancy and newborn photographer over the last eight+ years! As a sideline to that I have a little home studio set up for product and food photography which allows me the constant excuse of ‘buying props” and you will occasionally find me out and about taking portraits of amazing small business owners and bloggers.

I studied to become a Health Coach in 2013 which was a part of my personal health journey, but a blossoming fascination with health + wellness led to further study as a Holistic Birth Coach, in Energetic Healing, as a certified Life Coach and lots of further learning in the fields of Nutrition, teen development and Aromatherapy. Pretty much every day I take photos of beautiful things, fabulous people, amazing food and cute kittens. Or should I say one particular cute kitten that I love to bits. I take lots (LOTS) of photos of my girl – at least one photo a day to be precise – and I love me a gorgeously curated Instagram feed.

Add to all of that an endless number of courses, photography workshops, retreats, thousands of creative projects (many un-finished!), many hundreds of books read, tens of thousands of photos taken with my iPhone [and my ‘real camera’] and some pretty freaking amazing mentors, and:

Here I am…

As I journey towards my dreams I encourage you to expand, play and delight in what’s ahead for you: whatever age or stage you are at.


Above all, I invite you to enter this space with your deepest dreams. They may not be fully formed yet, but I hope you feel free to dream as wide and as bright as you dare.

You’ll find plenty of my dreams here, not just for myself and Liana, but for your own health and wellbeing, your creative expression and your expansion.

Relax and please feel at home.


Renee xx


Grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of giggles...
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