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If you’re aching to be a conscious, creative mother — one that instills in your children a love of play, an aptitude for gratitude and the ability to make positive choices — you’re in the right place. I would absolutely love guide you to discover how to create the kind of relationship you dream about having with yourself that unfolds the relationship you truly want to have with your children. Renee xx




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No matter your age, here at Little girls with great big dreams you can:

  • Dream big and work on developing your self-trust so that you make decisions that are truly right for you.
  • Start (and continue to) consciously + creatively deepen your relationship to yourself.
  • Learn to invest in your health and wellbeing, as well as your emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.
  • Living, rather than just dream about, the life you most want to live.
  • Be creative every day and in many ways.


For details on Renee’s professional bio, her journey through parenting so far, the background behind Little girls with great big dreams and lots of other fabulous facts – read ABOUT RENEE BELL here