Be Free. Be Wild. Let Go.

Be Free. Be Wild. Let Go.


What other people think doesn’t matter. What they say is their business. What they do, will be what ever they want to do.

What do you want?

To be free. To be wild. To let go.

To let go of opinions, of expectations, of judgements.

To let go of ideas on what “should be”.

To be me.

To take time for myself when I want it (and when I need it) but in the other times to be open.

To be willing to step out of my comfort zone.

To connect and share and explore, with others.

To not worry about how I look to others, how I seem to others, and how I sound to others.

My voice is my own.

Loud, clear and concise.

I speak it with love, freedom and desire.

To share and empower.

To spread love.

To inspire growth.

To anticipate change.

I put myself “out there” with no expectations or plans.

I breathe deeply.

Deep into my stomach.

I feel the air in my belly and I remain soft and accepting.

What ever comes next is perfectly ok.

It may not be what I had hoped, or planned.

But it is me.


Be Free. Be Wild. Let Go.


Written at a recent workshop with Jesh de Rox

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