A Unique Coaching Program for Creative & Conscious Mamas

Look at you: reading all the books, scrolling through online articles, bouncing from inspiration to overwhelm within moments. You’re constantly wondering how to integrate all that wisdom, and all those wellness tips into your life (in a way that makes sense for your family.)

Of course you want the best for your daughter. But it’s more than that. You’re dreaming of a certain kind of relationship where together you’re unfolding an adventure.


You’re dreaming of:

// Embodying all of your health and wellness knowledge. You want to practice, rather than preach.

// Inspiring your daughter to activate her creativity. You’ve seen beautiful glimpses, and you want to draw it out.

// Integrating the knowledge you’ve acquired into the way you actually parent. You’re ready to let go of old patterns, habits and family stories that hold you back from who you’d like to be.

// Nurturing your daughter to feel steady in her soul truth. You want to empower her emerging sense of self.

// Bolder self-expression. Becoming more ‘you’ than you ever thought possible.

// Feeling truly grateful: for your life, your children, but how?


But perhaps this feels like a bit of a fantasy. Maybe you wonder if your high expectations will only put undue pressure on your daughter. You crave flow, ease and intuitive guidance. As much as you need structure, stability and a strong foundation.


How can you…

// Merge your passions with the way you parent?

// Overcome ingrained habits, despite your knowledge of a better way?

// Commit to change when it feels like your current family schedule won’t budge?

// Loosen up creatively and invite a sense of play into your parenting?

// Express what’s important to you to your daughter, in a way that inspires her?

// Make self-love part of your daily life, rather than a nice sentiment?


This is more than possible. I’d love to help you forge a new path of presence, play and power.


Starting with where you are right now.


Because my guess is, you’re already:

// Passionate and positive (on the whole… we all have bad days.)

// A go-getter with big dreams (even if it’s hard to fully articulate them).

// Excited to explore your true path.


It’s just that, perhaps:

// You don’t feel or think like the other mothers around you.

// You find it hard to follow through on the bigger dreams you have.

// You’re overwhelmed by all of the information out there.

// You can’t figure out how to integrate inspiring ideas into daily life, so you stay stuck in habits you’re secretly ready to let go of.

// You’re letting magical moments pass you by — without even realising.


You’re ready to forge a new path.

And every new path, needs someone to hold a light to what’s possible and positive for you. coaching-creative-conscious-mamas


As a holistic health coach, life coach, dreamer, artist, and especially — a mother just like you — I help mothers who want to create conscious, fulfilling and inspiring relationships with their daughters.

I believe that as a mum, the greatest lesson you can model for your daughter is self love.


That’s why I created this unique coaching program. It’s for women who are interested in self-love, health and wellness, creativity, and most importantly – dreaming big, within a parenting dynamic.

It’s specifically designed for women who are no longer prepared to let life slide by in a blur or busyness. Women who believe their dreams are worth the effort. And women who know that they get one chance to parent so they want to learn to make it a creative, conscious (and fun) experience.

If Little Girls With Great Big Dreams is your inspirational dream-space, then this coaching program helps you crystallise those inspirations into full realisation.


I don’t believe:

// That creative, conscious living happens by accident (it takes practice, intention + effort).

// That we can go it alone (guidance, presence and accountability take us further than we believe possible).

// In letting opportunities for wonder + play pass you by.

// Mothers should sacrifice their health for their children. I believe healthy children depend on healthy mothers to guide them.


Full Disclosure: I’m many things, but I’m not the coach for everyone. I don’t believe in false appearances, only illuminating your beauty as I see it.


I’m definitely not..

// A judgemental purist. (Parenting is hard enough — you don’t need judgement and you won’t get it from me).

// Going to tell you how to parent. (I’ll help unlock and celebrate your personal parenting style).

// An oracle. (I can’t tell you the future. I can help you create it).


Truth is: Together we will deepen your health and wellness practices — embed those rituals, chosen behaviours and choice thoughts right into each day. We can uncover and explore inspiring, creative and spiritually conscious ways of parenting the unique souls you are here to parent. I know we will.


little girls with great big dreams, hearts

Little Girls With Great Big Dreams Coaching Program

~ Creativity Meets Conscious Parenting ~


What you get:

+ Our coaching sessions take place over Skype — wherever you are, we can work together.

+ 6 fortnightly sessions over a three month period (pre-arranged, but with some flexibility — you’re a mama after all).

+ Email support from me throughout the entire 3mths — to keep you accountable, focussed and firing through your goals.

+ Fabulous surprises along the way — guaranteed to make you smile! Think snail mail presents, worksheets + access to some of my favourite resources.

Investment:  $ 350/ per month


How to apply:

If you feel called to work with me, please feel assured that I only work with those who I *know* I can truly help. I work with a limited number of committed clients that are rocking their worlds.


Passionate, pro-active and positive. Sound like you?


Please email me directly at renee@reneebell.com with ‘coaching enquiry’ in the subject line.

Important: Tell me why you’re drawn to working with me and what you hope to achieve.


What to expect: If I feel that we are a great coaching match, I’ll be in touch to arrange a 30 min complimentary consult. This is designed specifically for you to ask any questions before committing to our coaching program.


While it’s true that this coaching experience will elevate your relationship with your daughter, bring you home to yourself and facilitate radical shifts, it’s not for everyone. So in the spirit of managing expectations, you won’t get the most out of this program if:

  • You’re unable to set a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes aside a day (there is a mindfulness component to this coaching program).
  • You’re not interested in exploring new ways of thinking, eating, moving or living (no judgement here — you may be in survival-mode and change of any kind will add stress at this point).
  • You’re suspicious of the concept of self-love (self-love and gratitude are at the heart of our work together).


You’ll get the most out of working with me if:

  • You’re curious (there are so many ways your life can be more creative + conscious — let’s explore the possibilities).
  • You’re devoted (that same love for your children will fuel new commitments to yourself).
  • You’re frustrated (this is a good sign, it means you know things could be a great deal better than they are).



I want you to know that you have everything you need to create the kind of life and relationship with your daughter you dream about. You don’t need to read more or question yourself any longer. What I hope to help you accomplish is bringing those dreams to life. Many people dream of what they want, but not everyone can muster the courage or commitment to make it happen. If you’ve got a little courage and a willingness to make that commitment (to yourself and your children) I know that with guidance from me, you’ll become true to your dreams.

Renee xx