floral decorating party + flower buffet!

floral decorating party
This is a post from 2012 after Liana’s 8th birthday party, originally published as a feature article here. I hope you enjoy seeing Liana’s 8th Birthday floral decorating party!!


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The dilemma a few months ago – how to top last year’s 7th Birthday Rainbow Circus Party. Not that we need a fancy party every year, but I do love to plan, decorate and entertain, and I have so many wonderful friends and suppliers willing to help out so one big party per year is enough to keep me happy :)!

Trying to think of a party idea that was interactive, but still suitable for 8 year old’s was a challenge. Add to that trying to keep it with very little focus on food as possible, (since we eat very little processed food in our house, and most 8 year old’s come to a party and expect to eat sugar, lollies and chips and lots of them!!) Then it needed to have something that would keep the children entertained for at least an hour – hour and a half.  Also being a late July birthday – we cant plan for outdoors! Liana loves crafts – drawing, arranging things and collecting treasures is absolute heaven in her eyes, so my fabulous friend’s Rach, Sarah and I put on our thinking caps and came up with the idea for a floral decorating party.

Flowers, and lots of them!!!

Think a flower buffet, instead of a lolly buffet.

All different shapes, sizes and colors, in vases and ready for choosing.  Gorgeous, girly and lots of pink!!  We had cute little white boxes set up, one for each girl with a little greenery, florist foam inside ready to go, and a pile of permanent markers so they could spend some time drawing and decorating their box to begin with. (That killed at least 20 minutes time!!!)


floral decorating party behind the scenes


Then it was time to line up at the ‘flower buffet’ and choose a few flowers at a time, placing carefully in their arrangement and then coming back for more.  The girls were so excited, and so engrossed in every last detail of their creation.  Some pre-wired ribbons to add the final touches, a requisite photo of each girl and their creation and the boxes were set aside for them to take home at the end of the party… who needs party bags full of lollies and rubbish to take home, when you can have gorgeous fresh flowers on your bedside table instead??


floral decorating

floral decorating party floral buffet


Flowers by Rach and Bec at Rachel Bell – Floral Designer, and huge thanks to both of them for helping decorate, and staying for the party to assist with handing our flowers, and helping with ideas (plus keeping twelve 8 year old girls calm and happy)!!!

I am so so in love with this cake by Vanessa and Jon at Cake Style… I gave them a very loose brief in terms of color and the overall style of the party and this is what they came up with, absolute perfection!! And yes – it tasted amazing!! It always breaks my heart when I have to cut one of the fabulous creations from Cake Style – they look so amazing and like a piece of art you never want to ruin…  But cutting it meant we could eat it and the top tier was chocolate and bottom was coconut… perfect combo!

This cake is technically a ‘wedding cake’ given the size and all – you can watch a tutorial on how to create and decorate it yourself here – pleated buttercream and fresh flowers cake tutorial.


cake style ruffle cake


This floral decorating party was my (and Liana’s) idea of heaven.  Loads of details, and pretty pretty things… most of the hanging decorations are still up – we love them so much that we can’t bear to take them down!!!

A few more of the party details here…


floral decorating party details


flower power juicefloral party cake cutflower power juice - floral party

floral decorating party thank you



– Styling and photography: Renee Bell Photographer + Little Girls with Great Big Dreams
– Flowers & Styling assistance: Rachel Bell – Floral Designer
– Pleated Buttercream Cake: Cake Style
– Print to Party decor: Style Me Gorgeous

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