i see you [a celebration of our beautiful kids]

There is a post “I see you” by Colleen Wilson that is doing the rounds on social media at the moment since it is that time of year that some kids are being acknowledged at school assemblies with special awards, and others may be feeling left out.

i see you


Before I share the post, I wanted to take a moment to say I see you, I love you and I am very proud of you to my fabulous daughter Liana.

Yes, she was one of the few that got awards at a special assembly at her school this week. An academic excellence award, and a near perfect report card made us both very happy, and we went out for a special dinner and to see a movie on Friday night to celebrate… But that one award, or the grades on the report card doesn’t mean everything is perfect for either of us, or that it comes easily.

Here are a few of the things that I am most proud of you Liana throughout this year…

    • Your report card for 2015 mid year was ok. Don’t get me wrong, it was well above average, but there was a little bored-ness in class (after being in a composite and completing a lot of Year 5 works already last year) which contributed to you becoming a bit of a ‘talker’ and not trying as hard as perhaps you could have. We worked really hard on staying ‘focused and on task’ for most of this year with affirmations and essential oils and stopping to think about your actions, and so much so that we both started to hate the sound of those words. But things improved, the end of year report was fabulous and I am so very proud of you for that!
    • The ‘focused and on task’ dilemma was a little bit of an issue at home too (argh – the dreaded chores – why does the dishwasher keep getting full again?) but things really really improved here, and I am so incredibly grateful for the help you have been to me, especially since I have been quite unwell on and off for the majority of this year.
    • You are an great soccer player, and although pretty much every team you have been in since under 6’s has barely won a game you are always smiling at the end of every game. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter to you. This year was all girls league with quite a lot of younger girls and you were a great influence to them. You are the first to slide in the mud (and laugh, while most of the others girls squeal at getting dirty), the volunteer to help pack up after training, the one who never seems to stop running and a wonderful team player.
    • Your creativity and artistic talent has really blossomed this year. From art and craft, painting, mandala drawing, story writing, photography and gardening we have both discovered a lot of new passions this year and it has been lots of fun to be on that journey with you!
    • You are an amazing big sister to Zoe (don’t worry everyone – I didn’t have a baby and you missed it – Liana’s step mum had a baby mid year) and I love seeing how happy you are to tell me stories about her when you visit.  She is very lucky to have you, though I still cant believe that you haven’t changed a dirty nappy yet!
    • Your appetite!!! I always say I trained you well right from a young age, but I am SO very thankful that I managed to score one of those kids who doesn’t complain about food.  We have been on quite a health journey the last few years and you are always willing to listen to my crazy ideas, to try all of my recipes, to read all the cookbooks i buy from cover to cover (and to put post-it notes on all the recipes you want to try) and to help me create in the kitchen.  There isn’t much that I can think of that you refuse to eat, and I have loved our meal time adventures and kitchen creation times with you.  I know that the kids at school used to think that you had weird stuff in your lunchbox, but even they have gotten used to it 🙂
    • Your passion for learning new things… When I first started learning about essential oils at the start of this year you jumped in feet first, learning alongside me about the oils, what to use when and have incorporated them into your daily routines.  You have helped me with photo shoots, you have never tired of modelling for me, you have helped me support the businesses that support us, and you have trialed many new products with me (and eaten many a macaron/ bliss ball and raw vegan dessert!)  You have talked my ear off with business plans and ideas, packed products, helped me with events and been a fabulous cheerleader for me and for the dreams we both have for this Little girls with great big dreams brand. Thank you, so very very much.
    • I absolutely love your love and care for all of your friends and family (and even strangers, animals and plants!)  Gratitude and giving compliments to people are things that I love to teach you about, and you have really embraced that this year.  I love asking you each afternoon who you have complimented that day, and hearing stories of someones amazing painting, or how their hair looked, or their new shoes that you said look nice. Just a few seconds and a quick comment can change someones day completely, even if you (or they) dont realise it at the time…
      Following on from the above – I am so proud of you for getting up in front of your entire grade and giving a speech on why you should be school captain a few weeks ago. Even though you didn’t really want to be captain, and even though you were very nervous – you got up, you pushed through an uncomfortable situation, and you did your best!  Your speech, about giving compliments to other kids and the power of gratitude was amazing!!!

Thank you for a fabulous year of memories my wonderful girl xx


i see you collage liana

And now for the original post… Originally written by Colleen Wilson.


It’s a time of badges, certificates, medals, trophies, recognition, awards, prizes and ‘seeing’ of high achievement. I love seeing the kids that shine at this time of year – a big high heartfelt round of applause to you. You so deserve it for the effort you have put in. But this message is for the kids that didn’t get called up for any of the above…



To the child that conquered their fear of heights, or sleeping in the dark, or riding without training wheels or sleeping out for the night for the first time this year, I SEE YOU

To the child that managed to resolve more conflict than they started this year, to the child that learnt to say the impossible; “I’m sorry”, and to the child that walked away from the fighting instead of getting involved, I SEE YOU

To the child for whom school is a huge struggle, you get up everyday and you go, I SEE YOU

To the child that battled all year with the maths, or reading, or concentration, or speaking out in class, or learning their words, but persevered anyway, I SEE YOU

To the child that found the kindness in their heart reach out in anyway to another person or to an animal in need or in pain, I SEE YOU

To the child that learnt to give and to share for the first time this year and even found joy in these, I SEE YOU

To the child that battles to make friends and to be social, you made new friends this year and for that, I SEE YOU

To the child who wanted so much to please, but was just out of sight of an adult who perhaps was too busy or too distracted, I SEE YOU

To the child who lost a friend or a loved one this year, but carried on everyday bravely even though their heart ached, I SEE YOU

To the brave parents that try everyday to do the best for their kids, I SEE YOU

May you and your children revel in small but significant victories that you have both experienced this year, as I will with my beautiful children. For every year there is progress and growth, we don’t need a podium or handshake or a hall of applause to be seen.



Have a fabulous day, friends. I hope you can share this with your children, or anyone else who needs to read it, and that you enjoy the last few days of school before the 2015 Christmas (and summer for us Aussies) holidays!  I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who us called to share in the comments below – what are you most proud of your child for achieving this year??


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  • liana kathrynDecember 14, 2015 - 5:42 pm

    awww! thanks so much for writing this for me 🙂 and great work to the original author of the I SEE YOU post! it was very inspiring and truly beautiful, and once again, thanks so much mum! 🙂
    love ya! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lisa HumphriesDecember 14, 2015 - 8:52 am

    LOVE this, thank you for the inspiration, I am going to share on my blog today xxReplyCancel