Little Girls With Great
Big Dreams is the kind of
online space this woman
loves to hang out in...
You: Curious, caring, committed.

Probably: Positive, pro-active + passionate.

Believe in: Self-love + gratitude
(even if you don’t always practice it).


Maybe you’re not sure what self-love really means. Perhaps you’re convinced gratitude is the key to happiness, but you’re wondering how to teach your children about it. You don’t want to be the parent that says “You should be grateful.” Instead you want to show them how to feel thankful, blessed and happy as they discover all that life has to offer.


Motherhood? You see it as an exploration for self-discovery as much as a sacred duty.

You’re open to seeing yourself (and your daughter) through a creative, compassionate lens.

You want the very best for your girl — and you believe the best place to start is with you.


It’s highly likely that:

You’re forging a conscious path through parenthood, but lacking the support of like-minded mothers and guides. Sometimes it can feel like a lonely journey and you wonder if the extra effort will pay off (it definitely will).

You’re more likely to see motherhood as a shared adventure, one that calls you to open, grow up and revel in the creative chaos.


Chances are:

  • You’ve read a tonne of health, wellness and personal development books. And now you’re ready to put this into practice.
  • You’re seeking freedom, inspiration, health and wholeness.
  • You value autonomy and self-reliance.
  • You’re invested in your health and wellbeing. As well as your children’s emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.


You’re not the type to scoff at the sacred. Suggestions to meditate, use crystals or develop your intuition? You’re curious rather than closed to these approaches.


You love the thought of:

// Consciously (+ creatively) deepening your relationship to yourself.

// Living, rather than just dreaming about, the life you most want to live.

// Bringing your daughter (and/or other children) on board as you navigate a new level of health and wellbeing.

// Raising a child to become a grateful, grounded, purposeful and easily delighted adult….. one that believes in her unique gifts.

// Developing your self-trust so that you make decisions that are truly right for you.

// Being creative every day and in many ways.


Feeling the resonance? Is this you?


Welcome to Little Girls With Great Big Dreams. You belong here.


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professional bio

Renee Bell believes in dreaming big and invites you to do the same. Blending creativity with conscious living, Renee is an artist, photographer and life coach dedicated to inspiring others to celebrate, expand and see life as an adventure.

It was her experience as an in-demand Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer, that initially led Renee to explore the spiritual journey of birth. Embracing her path as a Holistic Health Coach in 2013 was a conscious decision to help other women during their journey through motherhood.

Armed with further qualifications as a Holistic Birth Coach, in Colour Healing, and as a certified Life Coach and Teen Mentor, Renee’s love project Little Girls With Great Big Dreams is the virtual play space (+ inspirational dream space) that brings together her unique skills and strengths in a place of service.

As a coach, Renee partners with self-aware mothers who wish to grow themselves, as well as their children, with presence, pure health choices and playful creativity. As a photographer Renee offers branded photography for next-level entrepreneurs who desire authentic images that capture their essence. Pregnancy and Newborn photography packages are available at limited capacity.

If you’re looking for inspiration and practical help to merge mindfulness with motherhood while moving toward better lifestyle choices, head over to For more on Renee’s photography, go to

Stay in the loop. (That’s where all the fun is).