January photo a day [2016]

January 2016 was an interesting month…

If it wasn’t for the heat of summer I would probably say January is my favourite month. To have Liana home from school for 5-6 weeks and to spend time creating and exploring and relaxing and dreaming is so so fabulous!! A perfect way to start the new year!

At the end of 2015 I had been quite unwell with many weeks in bed in the lead up to Christmas and then unfortunately the heat of summer always knocks me around a bit (as per usual). In terms of our annual summer photography project, the month started out well. I took all the photos and I edited them as I went and I am sure I would have uploaded them to Instagram and Facebook each day…

There were backyard picnics, planning for the new year ahead, lots of gardening, cubby house decorating, beach time, at-home chilling out and reading books…


january photo a day 2016


But somehow, I didn’t keep track of the words I had written to go with each day. And then we got busy and I think I skipped a few days of photos. Then I got a little over Instagram and Facebook and stopped posting the images online. And then the rest of the month worth of images sat on my computer unedited, and unshared.

In the early months of 2016 each time I went to create the book to be printed, the task of sorting and editing all the images, and remembering what I had planned to say about each day / image just seemed too overwhelming… So it never got done.


january 7th photo a day 2016

[Skipping, and backyard fun! She still loves that tshirt, even a year later. And there are now veggie gardens along the fence…]


January 2016 photo a day

Now, as we near the final days of December 2016, and prepare to start this project again on Jan 1st, I am attempting to design this years book!

It has been an interesting process, looking back…

In the month that I had convinced myself nothing fun happened, so much did.

In the month that I remembered no beautiful memories, there were so many.

In the month that I thought there was no point taking photos because everything looked just the same, so many things grew and changed.


beach sunflare and jump

january 2016 photo a day

[There was beach time, and recipe creation (and tasting!), photo shoots + modelling, forgetting how to get dressed, instagram-ing]


flower crown modellingjanuary summer photography projectliana flower crowns

[Collaborating with a fabulous client on lots of flower crown photo shoots, and that gorgeous gorgeous hair!]


jan photo per day

[There was gorgeous sunflare, and photo shoots on the beach for clients, a new love for growing succulents, backyard sprinkler fun, and an ever growing love for soccer]


january photo a day kitten nigella

[and….. We got a kitten!!! #bestdecisionever]


So, as you can see – lots of beautiful, amazing, fun things happened in January 2016.

I am so glad that I took all these photos (and there are lots more 😉 ) and that I spent the time sorting through them, even if it was 10 mths later than I had planned! The book from 2016 will look different to the years before… Some days I took multiple images, others I took none and I didn’t time stamp each image or write lengthy descriptions, but that is perfectly ok.

I can see Liana as she was at 11 and a half, in those few weeks before embarking on Year 6 and her final year at primary school. Glimpses of the little lady she is ever evolving and morphing in to.

I can remember the times with Liana, kicking a soccer ball barefoot in the backyard and realize how far she progressed with her skills in 2016. Who would have ever thought she would embrace being goal keeper and all that it involved!

I can see those first images as I explored with new clients and collaborations and how that shaped my year as a photographer.

Those first days with our gorgeous baby kitten, when she wouldn’t leave my side while Liana was at school, and was small enough to fit into one hand (and inside my shirt!)

My January 2016 photo a day images are just as perfectly imperfect as the month was!

Want to take part in your own summer photography project? Check out all the details here.


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