January Photo a Day 2014

[A photo a day for the month of January. Celebrating summer holidays, easy mornings, and fabulous adventures]
One black and white image per day, with words about each image.  See January photo a day 2014 below…

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JANUARY 1, 2014 | 0.11AM

Happy New Year!
We had a lovely evening celebrating with friends and family… Thanks to a late afternoon nap and loads of fun to be had (ie: other children her age to play with), this little one was awake and still happy partying when midnight hit. Even, when we finally got home well after 1am she was still happily chatting away!
Liana has no cousins her own age, so she often misses out with family events, being the only child and having to amuse herself, or hang out with the adults. It was so lovely to see her with her two friends, whispering in dark corners, ‘selling’ party poppers in exchange for bottle top lids, sneaking goodies off the dessert table and just being kids!

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JANUARY 2, 2014 | 10.21AM

Liana got an iPod for Christmas. Her one big gift, with the intention that she can take photos, edit them using apps and start creating her own photo projects and journal, in among a little listening to music and maybe some game-playing. I gave her a copy of 365 Gratefuls to read this morning and she sat there, absolutely entranced, reading for over an hour. Getting up in search of food, I asked her if she was inspired and if she liked the book. Big huge smiles and a loud “yeah”, she runs off to find her iPod to get started! As always, Doggy Moggy isn’t far away…

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JANUARY 3, 2014 | 9.19AM

Yes, I am one of “those’ mums. You know, the ones with the kid that sleeps. That always has, since a little baby.

My darling Liana, you certainly are a sleepy head! You are a bit of a night owl, and sometimes it takes a bit to get to sleep, but once you are – there is very little that will wake you. You must have got the best bits from your Dad and I in that respect! When you were little I used to joke that we never made plans before lunch time, just to allow us to ease into the day when it suited us, with no rushing and no deadlines. I was pretty serious. As a toddler on the odd occasion that you did wake earlier than suited me I would take you back to your room and tell you it was still night time ~ back to sleep you went and you were usually the last kid to arrive at preschool for the day! Now that you are at school we have to have an alarm in your bedroom, so that you wake up quickly and ready to get prepared for the day. But, most days we are late anyways…

Even the excitement of Christmas Day isn’t enough to wake you at the crack of dawn!!! School Holidays for us are all about lazy mornings ~ sleeping in, staying in our pj’s, having breakfast so late that it is almost lunch time, reading, colouring, computer games (sometimes!) and just simply relaxing! No whinging because you are bored, or want to ‘go and do something right now’… I cant imagine anything more perfect:).

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JANUARY 4, 2014 | 11.01AM

Dearest Liana,

As you well know – mess is one of our biggest “issues”.  Like most parents, I feel that I have more than enough fun things to fit into my days without adding ‘pick up every single stuffed toy, texta, scrap of paper, book and piece of lego that we ever owned and put them all back where they belong’ to my list of favorite things to do. Seriously, you have so-much-stuff! Where does it all come from? In addition to all the stuff we already have, it seems that every stick|stone|leaf|seed pod|lump of coal you come across on our walks, and every post-it note you ever draw on is precious and must be kept. It breaks my heart to consider throwing anything away [maybe you get your hoarding tendencies from me?] and you always notice if anything is missing!

This looks kinda cool though, so lets keep the stuff on your window sill like this, and maybe work on tidying the rest sometime this week:)

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JANUARY 5, 2014 | 9.09AM

Of course the cushions “need” to be scattered all across the room while you watch cartoons!
And also when you are not watching cartoons.
And generally when ever you are actually in the house it is like there is some kind of force field that flings them from the couch and across the room into random piles of colourful-ness.
Which, is kinda cool when you think about it… If we had enough to make the living room a giant cushion pit and jump off the couch doing sumersaults into a lovely cushion-y pile of prettiness.

But still, I’d rather they stay on the couch occasionally. And get used. Otherwise we might have to give them to a new home, with a family that will love them and stack them neatly and use them as they were intended.

School holidays bring the excitement of a small dose of morning TV time (after the requisite sleep-in of course!)  Who knows what you are watching, but I am sure it is amazing to a 9 year old!

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JANUARY 6, 2014 | 2.21PM

Someone got a new iPod for Christmas…
This is, without a doubt, the most adorable thing I witnessed today!

Earphones in.
Singing loudly.
Out of tune.
(Occasional) wrong words.
But all the while, in your own blissful world, enjoying every moment.

january photo a day, little girls with great big dreams

JANUARY 7 2014 | 5.01PM

There can be hours of fun with a simple plastic tube and ball of string…  Who needs TV and computer games when you have an imagination?

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JANUARY 8 2014 | 11.55AM

We went on a photo adventure today… Off for a walk through the bush showing you different things to look for to take photos of, experimenting with different angles and compositions… So much fun!
Of course we found lots of treasures, and took more than one photo! So good to see that those pockets in your overalls come in handy!
Then home to look through the images (and find a place to put more shells)

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JANUARY 9 2014 | 3.01PM

Swimming is way more fun when you have a friend…

The game involved magical avocado seeds that can turn you into what ever animal you wanted to be, and battles and adventures and so many other things i couldn’t keep track of. Needless to say, these two were happy (and very pruney when they got out!)

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JANUARY 10 2014 | 6.05PM

Friday afternoon was supposed to involve appointments, errands and then home to cook dinner then relax. Instead it became appointments, 2 errands (lets leave the rest till tomorrow) a yummy afternoon tea (massive sugar rush to the head!), an impromptu trip to the beach, home for sneaky take-outs for dinner and then down to the waterfront to listen to a band play… Wonderful!

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JANUARY 11 2014 | 9.18AM

Oh you love to read! You get that off me – I was very much the same when I was younger.
You read while you are eating your breakfast, then continue to read while you are walking to your room to get dressed. Once there you decide that your pyjama tshirt is acceptable day wear and simply change pants to save time. Then off running to the daybed, to get comfortable and read some more.

Now days I read mostly non fiction books about business and health… You make me remember what it is like to get lost in another world. To stay up for hours past bedtime just to keep reading and find out what happens at the end of the book… and so I must read more fiction!
[The book Liana is reading – The School for Good and Evil – here]

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JANUARY 12 2014 | 7.15PM

Words can not explain how much I love these two ladies (or how much they love each other!). I am so very lucky to have them both!

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JANUARY 13 2014 | 10.15AM

The bear you were given when you were born. The first thing my mum rushed out and brought after you were born and we knew the baby (you) was a girl.
With the very appropriate name “pink teddy bear” (even though you cant see the colour in this pic she is a pale pink colour) she still sits on your bed, along with the rest of the bear family that you have collected in the years since then.

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JANUARY 14 2014 | 8.55AM

Getting ready to leave on a jet plane, Sydney International Airport…
Today we leave on our holiday to New Zealand! I booked a photo shoot and decided to take you along for the adventure. We are both so excited… As per my usual fashion, nothing much is organised… So we will stay where we can find a bed, and we will explore wherever we are called to each day! Bring it on!!!!
First stop Rotorua:)

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JANUARY 15 2014 | 6.55PM

So many cool things happened today as we explored Rotorua, but the best of all, deciding to jump in a car and head to Matamata to visit the Hobbiton move set tour from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. So so cool! We jumped on a bus to the movie set which has been preserved since the filming started in 1999 and had 2 hours with a guide to walk around and look at all the sights!  Definite highlight of the trip, I wish we could have stayed longer.
[will share more images later!]

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JANUARY 16 2014 | 9.21AM

We actually did a photo shoot in this very same space in January of 2011, so today we visited again!
Super fun to compare the changes in three years…

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JANUARY 17 2014 | 11.05AM

After a big day exploring and bush walking yesterday, this morning called for an easy start. At every possible opportunity you keep racing off to read Harry Potter so I left you here in the warm morning sun while I did some study…

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JANUARY 18 2014 | 1.09PM

We stayed north a little longer than originally planned, and instead of hiring a car to head down to Masterton and Wellington decided to catch the train…. The Northern Explorer NEW Zealand train trip goes from Auckland to Wellington over about 11 hours. We got on at Hamilton and the trip took nearly 9 hours but it was so comfortable and we saw so many amazing sights through the window, and from the open air viewing cart that it hardly felt like it took that long at all.

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JANUARY 19 2014 | 6.45PM

Oh, this was so much fun! I love this shot…
Trampolines are a huge novelty for you since we have never had one at home, so it was very exciting that the friends we planned to stay the night with had a giant trampoline (not to mention the backdrop from their property – wow!) Jump, jump, JUMP!

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JANUARY 20 2014 | 10.45AM

Where to start with today… First there was the visit to see some baby cows (only a few days old) and then to feed some bigger (1 year old) cows. At the time I knew that one of these images would be the photo for today. Liana is fascinated with all animals and to get up close and personal with something other than the usual cats and dogs she is exposed to here at home was a pretty exciting experience for her…
The cows had already eaten by the time we got there so they werent overly interested in the food Liana was offering them, but it was fun all the same!  The baby cows were adorable, but we couldn’t get too close to them in case the mummy cows got too over protective!

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JANUARY 20 2014 | 4.10PM

But then there was the decision we made later that day… Do we go to Castlepoint and look at the beach and the lighthouse (my choice) or do we go and pay money to see Manukura the famous white kiwi (her choice). We compromised and decided to go to see the kiwi and then head to the lighthouse for what I was hoping would be a nice sunset, dinner at a cute little cafe and then find a room for the night. While at the Pukaha Wildlife Centre at Mt Bruce at about 3pm we decided to hike to the top of the mountain to the lookout. The brochures promised a fabulous view…  The walk was tough – very steep and it was a warm sticky day. A few times we considered turning back but decided to think positive and the view at the top would be worth it.
At 352pm a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit. Liana and I were alone on the mountain, and as you can imagine incredibly freaked out. Even now, it doesnt seem like it was real – the whole mountain seemed to sway from side to side and up and down and then it stopped leaving us both looking at each other wondering what the heck just happened. At that point we had no idea what to do, run for the bottom so we weren’t alone, or the top to clear land so we weren’t under trees. Another smaller 4.2 quake hit just after this image was taken which we also felt. In the end we kept going to the top, took a 30 second look at a the view and a few shots then decided the get the heck out of there and pretty much ran back down to the visitor centre. Oh and the epicentre, was about 40-50km away. Right near Castlepoint where we had planned to go that day… Needless to say we never did make it there!

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JANUARY 21 2014 | 4.26PM

Te Papa – Museum of New Zealand.
We visited twice because she loved it so much.

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JANUARY 22 2014 | 10.03AM

A swim in the hotel pool before we pack our bags ready to head home…


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JANUARY 23 2014 | 5.02PM

Home sweet home!
A day for lazing about in pj’s, catching up with emails and work and unpacking suitcases (me) and skyping and playing Club Penguin with friends (you)…

january photo a day

JANUARY 25 2014 | 10.21AM



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JANUARY 26 2014 | 11.39AM

This actually wasn’t the image I had planned for today. But in the end I loved it the most.  I had seen you sitting on the grass playing with your Australian flags (courtesy of Bunnings) and was going to take a photo. I got up three times to try and position the flag as the wind kept blowing it and it was getting all tangled. When it blew the wrong way after I sat down yet again, I asked you to blow the flag to get it flying the right way. This ended up being so much more fun than what I had planned!

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JANUARY 27 2014 | 4.11PM

Oh, you love to swim! All day long you would be in the water if you could, diving and twirling and fetching toys of the bottom of the pool. You come out with wrinkly skin and red eyes and wonder why they hurt so much!

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JANUARY 28 2014 | 4.52PM

This is Dolly Annie. She was mine when I was a little girl – given to me by my Uncle. Which means she is around 30 years old! I took good care of her, and so she is still in very good condition (though she did have to have an arm sewn back on last year) and even still has her original clothes. You never really were into dolls when you were little, much preferring teddy bears and stuffed toys, and only just started to take an interest in Annie in the last few years.

I love so much that she is now yours, and I hope you have a little girl of your own one day to pass her on to!

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JANUARY 29 2014 | 8.09AM

Back to school today! I cant believe the holidays are over… No more spending all day with you. No more sleep-ins, or long lunches, or craft days. But it is exciting to go back to school, and I guess it would be good if I got some work done. I will miss you though! Year 4 this year – cant wait to hear what class you get in:)

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JANUARY 30 2014 | 8.21AM

Back to school.
The new school bag. Far too big for your tiny body.
The puppy dog bag tag that you love so much.
The skorts that are soooo long.
The bruises all over your legs from your frequent tripping over.
The shoes that are always scuffed and scratched. Do you walk around on your tippie-toes like a ballet dancer at school?

Welcome to the new school year.

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JANUARY 31 2014 | 5.16PM

We made it to the end! 31 days of summer!

To be honest I am a little sad. Having you home for the last 6 weeks has been so much fun! So many adventures, lots of relaxing time, and even a fun trip to New Zealand in the middle! But, I know that it is time for you to go to school and me to get back to work. Bring on the rest of the adventures 🙂


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All of these images and words will be printed in a book which I think is going to look so amazing!  Stay tuned for pics when it gets delivered!

I’d love to hear from YOU in the comments… Have you done a similar photography project? Do you participate in January Photo as Day? Did you stick through right to the end? Most importantly – did you print the photos??

little girls with great big dreams, hearts

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