Why we love bento boxes for school lunches

It is with great disappointment that we got closer and closer to the end of January, and therefore the end of the summer school holidays… Liana and I had so much fun over the 6-7 weeks we had at home over Christmas, and sleep-ins and pyjama + craft days became the norm, so the realities of alarm clocks and packing lunches and putting a bra on to leave the house (me) and homework (her) were not particularly welcome…

(To prove how much I have been in denial – I am writing this post 3rd week February!)

I had brought new underwear and socks, a backpack as a early Christmas present to take to Uluru with us , but no next-size-up school uniform, no shoes, and done absolutely nothing about a lunch box or drink bottle.

Last year, after updating my kitchen with all glass storage containers and jars, and offloading all my plastic to someone who didn’t care so much about such things (ie: my Mum) I knew that the same needed to apply for lunches. The cute smiggle bag, plastic containers and glad zip lock bags had to go… But with a child who sometimes forgets to wear pants (well, not really – but some days she is close) and a school that doesn’t allow the children to walk back to classroom and put lunchbox in bag after eating so they have to carry lunchbox while playing (don’t get me started on the stupidity of that) would new expensive lunchbox make it home at the end of the first day or be lost in the playground?

I debated back and forwards for a week or so about cost and size and practicality and decide to go with the Lunchbots bento boxes cinco (meaning 5 compartments) and a Fridge to go insulated lunch bag to keep it in, both from Shop Naturally.


The lunchbots bento box we got is the 960ml large size and easily fits Liana’s lunch and recess all in the one container (though if she does have an apple, it goes whole into the bag) and they do also have fruit break in the mornings so that sometimes goes in a seperate container. The bento boxes are not watertight, so you cant put things like watermelon in them, otherwise crackers in the compartment next door go soggy (Liana found that out the hard way) but over the last few weeks of using them we have got into a little routine and are working out fun new ideas to make and pack for lunch.

Liana is feeling like little miss popular taking this to school – all the kids (and some of the teachers) all think it is very cool and are excited to see what she has in it every day. A big difference from last year where she was hassled on occasion for having “weird food”. The strap of the fridge to go lunch bag that we chose to go with it is fully insulated and can keep for cold for up to 8 hours via the removable icepack inside it and means she can put it over her shoulder to walk down to lunch! Note: this year her classroom is just next to where she has lunch, so she can duck up and put it in her bag before heading off to play – yay!

What is inside our bento boxes…

Having this bento lunch box has opened Liana up to a whole new world of possibilities for lunch, and it is exciting to help her come up with new ideas each day…
We generally have a batch of Chocolate quinoa muffins or banana muffins in the freezer to pack, and have recently discovered these Acai pancake bites which are pretty popular with us at the moment. Occasionally bliss balls. Then chopped up veggies are easy – carrot, capsicum, cucumber, asparagus and we have been experimenting a bit with the main lunch – baking chicken wings, mince on a bed of lettuce, bacon and egg quiche or vegetable fritters. A few crackers and some fruit to fill the other sections.

Super easy, healthy, great variety of food types and looks amazing – the box has come home empty every day so far!

No mess and no garbage 🙂


lunchbots bento

Above are a few of the daily bento box pics that Liana and I have been sharing on instagram…

If you want to follow us, Liana_kathryn instagram here. My littlegirls_greatbigdreams instagram here.

We will share some more yummy lunch box recipes and pics as the year goes on both here on the blog, and on Instagram!



Stay in the loop. (That’s where all the fun is).

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    Lunches look great and so glad it keeps coming home to you, I would be worried about that factor also!ReplyCancel