Why I love photographing my daughter [and want to get in the habit of doing more of it]

photographing my daughter

We used to do photo shoots all the time.

Like – weekly, at least!

Exploring new (and old) locations. Styling, getting dressed up and sometimes even modelling clothes for fashion brands we used to work with. It was girly and fun and it fascinated me how different Liana could look in every photo. How much her face changed as she grew. How different she could look depending how her hair was styled. How she perfected the blue steel look when it frustrated me endlessly that am much better behind the camera than in front (FYI: me attempting blue steel, or that effortlessly casual stare, makes people think I want to slap and/or murder them! I think some may call it ‘resting bitch face!’ Don’t make me show you!)

Technically I didn’t stop photographing my daughter… We have still completed #projectliana365 almost daily over the last 3 years. But I stopped photographing Liana as often with intent.

Planning photo shoots with the intent to have fun, to be creative, and to explore outside the box. To edit and process images in a way that was different to my standard client photo shoots. To find new locations away from our house. To create art, in addition to the snapshots that I take daily at home with my iPhone…

There are other things too… I got tired, my health went downhill. I got distracted by studying and business building. I got bored and felt like I had run out of ideas. There were several too many tantrums mid photo shoot when things didn’t go to plan (usually me, not her) and that was frustrating. When renting it is hard to display the images on walls (and in a tiny house – there aren’t many walls to begin with!) and so I felt like there was no point if the images weren’t seen and enjoyed. I had planned to scrapbook the images and display them in albums (and spent a small fortune on supplies) and then decided I just didn’t have the space for that kind of creating – mentally, emotionally and physically. I tried a few album companies, but never got around to creating more than a few albums… Everything else – still on hard drives (that reminds me – check the backups!)


why i photography my daughter


Ugh! Excuses, excuses.

I cant promise what will happen. I cant commit to numbers, or dates. But I can say this:

I will keep photographing my daughter.

Because I love it (and her!)

Because it nourishes my creativity in a way that nothing else can.

Because one day that vague dream of a gallery showing may come true.

Or I might write that book. (You know the one that is there, somewhere, but not quite ready to be written just yet…)

Because photographing my daughter is simply what I am meant to do.


Just for fun – here is a little slideshow of images from about 2011-2013. Just click to view it if it doesn’t automatically play
(Both of the images above were taken in May 2015)



How much has she grown?? I look at these pics now and I can hardly believe that little girl is now nearly 11!

She was such a delight back then, but now she is growing into a beautiful young lady – with (many of) her own thoughts and ideas on life. Opinions and passions and the occasional attitude outburst which of course can be frustrating and painful (that story for another day), but all in all I am so very proud of who she is becoming!

Have a fabulous day, my friends!

PS: If you get a moment please let me know in the comments – do you regularly photograph your child?  Why or why not?


Stay in the loop. (That’s where all the fun is).

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