Project Liana 365 | The final day of 2014

Here it is! The last day in our #projectliana365 book from 2014…
A collage of Liana’s very best “poses” to celebrate the occasion, and wearing her favourite “Hi” t-shirt.

project Liana 365 2014 final day


I never thought when starting on this project on the first day of 2013 that we would make it through that year, let alone through all of 2014, and now into the start of 2015 with all intentions to continue ahead for this year.

As I file these away into a folder of 730 or so photos, I am happy.

I am happy and incredibly proud of this project Liana 365. Of our patience with each other in taking these daily photos, (rain, hail or shine + in sickness or in health) and in my consistency with keeping on top of storing the photos… This years book is designed and ready to print this week, as opposed to waiting till June to finally print the 2013 book! Yay!

This project was never meant to be about posed perfection. Although we did set the one “rule” that the shot each day was taken against a white wall, everything else is very free flowing. All images taken using my iPhone (5 at the start of the year, and 6 for the last few months) and a specific filter in Hipstamatic, with a few changed to black and white either just because, or if they looked terrible in colour due to poor lighting.

It is more than “just another shot of that kid” to us. It is a journey throughout the ups and downs of each and every day. Through favourite items of clothing that are worn over and over again, to the subtle changes in Liana’s face as she grows.

Jan 2014 (top row) Dec 2014 (bottom row)

365 Liana jan and dec 2014


It is the hair styles… Notice the fringe (bangs) is gone? Oh I do miss it, but we worked so hard to grow it out that we can’t bear to chop it all back off, in case we change our mind again.

365 liana fringe


The ill-fated trip to the hairdressers earlier in the year that ended up in tears for both of us when we got home, the hair much much shorter than the “trim” we asked for. (Her hair was previously down to her bottom)
Day 82 (left) and December (right)

365 liana hair


It is the hats and accessories that we love and treasure…

365 liana accessories


… and the funny faces and poses that she loves to bring out on occasion…

365 liana funny faces


More project Liana 365 images on instagram here…

Are you think of starting your own photo a day project? How about just committing to January to start with…. Some tips here – January photo a day project.

It is our memory, of the year that was 2014. Thank you for following along!

Stay in the loop. (That’s where all the fun is).

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