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362 days ago I made a decision to work on a photography project. The idea was seemingly simple – one photo every day of Liana, and being that I am a photographer, then taking photos shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. But as we all know, life gets in the way, we get busy and before we know it it is 11pm and we wonder why we aren’t in bed and asleep yet?  I had started many ‘365 projects’ or ’52 projects’ and similar and never once managed to complete them.

So, the pressure was on!

Fortunately I was blessed with a child who is tolerant of having her photo taken [read: very well trained from a young age 😉 ] so I set out with a few simple ‘rules’

  • each photo was to be of Liana only
  • each photo was to be taken against a white wall for consistency
  • iPhone shots only
  • to use the same Hipstamatic lens and film combo for each colour image [again for consistency] or a simple black and white conversion.
  • no real ‘posing’ or setting up. she was photographed in what ever she was wearing, messy hair or otherwise at the time that I remembered to take the photo. Occasionally she would grab a toy, or put a hat on but there wasn’t too much messing around

and….. I am so freaking excited to say ~ I made it! Just three more days to go and we will be at the end. 365 images of my wonderful little girl, a book that is almost designed and ready to be printed [will share that soon] and a video slideshow of all the photos… There is a little preview of the images below, and over the next few weeks I will be sharing tips on starting your own 365 project, ideas for smaller [and less willing] participants, behind the scenes shots of how this is possible with only the smallest of clear white spaces in your home, challenges I had, iPhone photography apps that I love, the final results of my project in book and slideshow format, plus my words on why I did this project this way and how it makes me feel looking back on the images…. and I will also be sharing examples of others who have done [gorgeous] 365 projects of their children.


project Liana 365 collage
Thank you so much for being here, and have a fabulous day,
Renee xx

EDIT : View the full project Liana 365 photo archive here including the following years after 2013, and the resulting albums.

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