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LittleONEKids circus party

This is a post from Liana’s 7th birthday circus party, originally printed in LittleONEKids Magazine, in Sept 2011 . Now that I have this new site set up, I wanted to go back and dig out the photos plus the interview and share it with you all!  I hope you enjoy seeing all the fun we had at Liana’s rainbow circus party!!
(I have loved going back and looking at these photos all over again. She has changed so much!!!  To think – she will be 12 in a few months…)


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LIANA’S 7th birthday.

Birthday girl: Liana
Mum: Renee
Theme: Rainbow Coloured Circus
Photography: Renee Bell Photographer

For Liana, who was about to turn seven, there was no doubt that a party was in order. “Liana is happy to amuse herself with craft or books for hours on end,” explains her mum, Renee. “But she has an infectious personality and is definitely the life of the party.”

As a photographer, Renee loves seeing parties and taking photos of them, so she certainly had plenty of inspiration leading up to Liana’s special day. “If I wasn’t so busy taking photos, I would probably plan parties! I love seeing them come together and I am already wondering what excuse I can have for a party to save waiting another year for Liana’s next birthday!”

Wanting a bright and colourful day, that was a little bit out of the ordinary, a Rainbow Coloured Circus Party Theme was chosen, offering plenty of scope for some fun ideas and gorgeous decorations. “I basically started with the custom made bunting from Giggleberry and based my colours around that,” says Renee. “The invites and party printables were done by Sarah at Style Me Gorgeous and that then led us to the idea of having rainbow colours, but not actual rainbows – so lots of spots and stripes. The giant balloons were such fun, and we also used rainbow coloured helium balloons around the windows to give colour to the areas the kids would play in.”

rainbow circus party

rainbow circus party balloonscircus party popcorn


A few of the more unique items created a real buzz amongst the little guests. “The rock candy swizzle sticks from Sugar Rush were a huge hit. They are so colourful and they were like nothing the kids had ever seen before. Ribbon wands are a huge favourite in this house, so we got them as take home gifts from Pinwheels and Pearls and Liana was so excited to have her friends try them out and take them home.”

As Liana attends a large school, making it impossible to invite all of her school friends, she just chose a slightly smaller group of 14 and then six friends who attend other schools. With Liana’s birthday falling in mid-Winter, Renee had to prepare for bad weather, which meant that numbers were limited…luckily though, the day of the party was gorgeous and sunny.

The birthday girl wore a special black and white spotted dress from her favourite brand – Little Leona by Leona Edmiston. “She likes it because the name is almost like her own,” says Renee. She also wore stripey leg warmers to add to the circus theme.

“The entertainment was definitely the highlight of the day,” Renee says. “We had a clown who made balloon animals, and did face painting, which is always a crowd pleaser. All the children had a small design painted on their cheek and a balloon made however they wished – with Liana choosing to have a skull and ghost painted on her cheek instead of anything typically girly! And this was all followed by a fun magic show.”

“Liana received some wonderful gifts on the day. She loves to read and has recently discovered chapter books – she got lots of new books so her friends obviously know her well. She also got craft accessories, Scooby Doo and Harry Potter goodies and a gorgeous cupcake shaped money box to save her pocket money in. Her big present from her family was a new bedroom suite and desk, so she was definitely a very lucky girl this year!”

Renee can’t wait to see what the age of seven brings. “I am loving watching Liana grow and mature in to the kind and thoughtful girl that she is. She is so genuine and caring and happy in everything she does. It makes me so proud!


circus party clownLiana face painted circus party


Clever party ideas from Liana & Renee:

Renee decided to set up a photo booth for the kids to have their photo taken. Gorgeous, bright rainbow bunting covered the walls, and a selection of fun hats, wigs and accessories for the kids to wear were included. They all loved lining up for their photo and Liana gave copies of photos to each of her friends a few weeks after the party.

Party tips:

It’s all about the details! So much can be done on a relatively small budget. Pick a theme and carry it through – popcorn and hotdogs are what you eat at a circus, so that is what the kids ate. Paper cups in bright colours are great for individual serves of popcorn. Fruit salad in individual baking cups gives the kids a break from the lollies and were the first things to be eaten!

When setting up a candy buffet, it looks best if you have a mixture of heights on the table which creates lots of interest. Renee had a huge selection of cupcake stands and platters from Sweet Little Birdy.

Keep the food simple. Fairy bread and honey joys are a surefire winner every time!


rainbow circus party photo boothLiana's 7th birthday circus party


Oh and the amazing cake, hand painted circus cake by Vanessa at Sugar Rush | Cake Style.

So, so awesome!!!  Vanessa now has a You Tube channel teaching people how to decorate cakes – check it out!


rainbow circus party cake

Birthday cake Liana 7

cake from cake style


Do you want more party and cake inspiration?

See Liana’s 2015 birthday Mandala Cake here, 2012 floral decorating party here, how to for amazing cake photography here:


What party would you love to see us create this year? Please let us know in the comments below…

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