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Sometimes, when your hobby becomes your business (as mine did, in the way of my newborn photography, my portrait and product photography and then this little girls with great big dreams blog) you start to treat everything that is similar as “work”. So, for the last few years I have wanted to break free from that mindset, and start to have fun with creativity again, for myself – not only for my clients.

In addition to that, as a Mama, a lot of us can quite often push aside our need for creative time as we get caught up in the busy of day to day life. Kids, work, cleaning, cooking, groceries, the list goes on.

I want [with all of my heart] to inspire as many Mama’s as I can to find their creative dream, and nurture it. Then – to pass that passion and desire to explore on to their children. I’d love to help you settings creativity goals for yourself – and to reach them!


Re-igniting my creative passion.

The first thing I did was find a fabulous colouring in book for grown ups (details here), borrowed some of Liana’s textas and got to colouring. There is something so incredibly relaxing about colouring in, and the timing just happened to coincide with me being sick for a few days, so it was a perfect opportunity to relax my mind and body.

Next, after some inspiration on Instagram, I discovered mandalas – so we spent a small fortune at local art supply stores (Christmas presents!) and we both started drawing and colouring mandalas.

The main thing I noticed about these first two creative adventures is that I really had forgotten what it was like to fully immerse myself and allow my creativity to take over. To get to that point where 3 hours has gone past, you haven’t eaten and you cant bear to get up and go to the bathroom because that would mean — stopping for a few moments!!!

It was fun, it was freeing, and I found myself falling in love with creativity again…


creativity is contagious

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

Albert Einstein said that about 75yrs ago, and no matter how old the advice is, it is still completely true today. So pass it on I shall!

Pass it on to my daughter Liana, by including her in my exploration, my mess, and my adventures.
Pass it on to you, my readers. By sharing it all (including the mess!)

Hopefully you can then pass it on to a few others… Your kids, your friends, your family, your students… [Don’t forget to join the mailing list!]


little girls with great big dreams, hearts


For me, the main components of my daily creativity practice are a mix of photography, cooking, gardening, gentle exercise and occasionally journalling and meditation. All of these things allow me to infuse spirituality and gratitude into my everyday, and the end results are my blog posts, my scrapbook albums, the food that Liana and I nourish our bodies with, the photographs I take for my clients (+ the ones I take for me and for this site), and the products I create for Little girls with great big dreams.

There are so many ways you can incorporate creativity into your everyday. Be it journaling, gratitude projects, photography, scrapbooking, cooking, gardening, drawing, painting, sewing, building, writing, dancing, meditation…


What ways can you think of to incorporate creativity into your days?


heart iconThe way you dress and the clothes you choose to wear each day can become a way of expressing your creativity.


heart iconWhat about how you style your hair? How you colour your hair. The type of headband or hat you wear.


heart iconCreate a vision board (or dream board) of all the things that you love, that you are trying to manifest into your life or that make you happy to put on the wall of your bedroom or above your desk.


heart iconMake your bed and arrange the cushions (and a few favourite stuffed toys!) on your bed in a way that is fun and interesting in the morning.  Then notice how it makes you feel when you walk into the room after your day at school or work


heart iconCan you find ways to be creative about doing those chores that are boring (but must be done!) Put some music on and do a 20 min blitz of picking up things off the floor and tidying your bedroom and the living areas of your home. Then reward yourself with a 5 minute dance break! Then do another 10 minutes tidying!


heart icon

Can you document your everyday life? Photo a day projects can seem like a lot of work after the initial excitement wears off. Collating and saving and storing the images, then deciding if (and how) you want to print them is ‘work’ but the reward of looking at that completed album some time down the track is beyond priceless. I highly recommend giving this a go!


setting creativity goals for teen girls - document the everyday


Are you ready to infuse creativity into as many aspects of your life as possible?

If you are then you are certainly in the right place! Throughout the pages of this blog you will find ideas, tips and techniques to help you flex your creativity muscle. If you have feedback or questions, or even subjects you want me to write about then please get in touch! You can of course leave comments on any of the posts on the site, as well as using the contact button at the top of the page.


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My top 3 tips for setting goals related to infusing your life with fun and creativity


Tip 1 for infusing your life with fun and creativity:

Be prepared to destroy what you create. The quickest way to get overwhelmed by creativity is to feel obligated to keep every single little thing you draw, create, make or photograph. When the colouring book is full, be ok with throwing it in the recycle bin.

If you take 100 photos in an afternoon (practicing and trying to get that perfect shot) make a commitment that you will keep only the best 5. Then take 100 more tomorrow, or next week and keep only 5.  The one way you will get better at anything, is trial and error and letting go of your imperfections. No one wants a house full of scraps of paper, or a hard drive full of almost identical photos.

This is also something to teach your kids – it would be crazy to try to keep every single drawing they bring home from preschool through to when they leave home, so helping them understand this from an early age will save you 5 extra packing boxes when you move house in the future… Remember ~ as awesome as that lego tower that you built is – half the fun is in knocking it down and starting again!


Tip 2 for infusing your life with fun and creativity:

Let go of the expectation that there has to be a “reason” for creativity, or a desired end result. For a long time I would tell myself there was no point printing photos, or scrapbooking, or colouring in, or drawing – because if no one saw what I had created, or I didn’t hang them on the wall or write a blog post about them then what was the point? Creativity and fun is about being in the moment, of being free, and it does not matter at all if you are the only person who is there to witness it.  A question to ask yourself – if you don’t photograph + share on instagram that perfect rainbow you just saw – is it any less beautiful??


At an artists workshop last year I scribbled this in my journal:

When you get a creative impulse – focus on a direction, not the destination. Don’t only allow yourself to feel joy at the top of the mountain.

That is of course not to say that you shouldn’t share what you create, absolutely do that if you want to. But try not to make that the only reason… Pick a creative goal because the journey looks interesting, and be completely open to what the view will be when you reach the top of the mountain. You might just be very surprised at what you find!


Tip 3 for infusing your life with fun and creativity:

Honor and take care of your body – it is your tool of expression.

If you are tired, hungry or stressed then it is most likely that the last thing you want to be doing is getting creative in any shape or form. Try to get a good night sleep every night, eat nourishing foods and relax your body with gentle exercise or meditation.


nourish your body - setting creativity goals for teen girls


My top three tips for remaining motivated and inspired by goals relating to having fun and being creative, and continuing to be in action toward them.


  • Remember – fun and creativity can come in so many forms. Be open to possibility in every moment of your days.  Instead of being annoyed that it is starting to rain as you take the washing off the line ~ enjoy the feel of the raindrops on your face (maybe even dance a little!)…  use beautiful pens when writing in your journal… pick your outfit for the day based on how you want to feel ~ not how you want to look… experiment in the kitchen with new recipes…  arrange your meals artfully on your plate (and use your best table setting) ~ just because!
  • Be ready when creativity hits. Often creativity can’t be planned or scheduled. Allow for spontaneity. If you go a period of time without ‘being creative’ don’t get disheartened – just jump back in and keep going. Also, as above, experiment with making the every day moments of your life creative and fun.
  • Practice practice practice. Also if you want to – look for inspiration as a way of exploration. Pinterest and Instagram are fabulous places to look for ideas and inspiration. Set a time limit for this though – it can be a form of procrastination to be “researching” for hours at a time.


My favourite resources for setting creativity goals and having fun – and remaining on track with those goals.


  • For me photography is a big passion and I love to participate in photography projects and photo a day challenges.  Admittedly there are times where I get busy with life and miss a few days (or weeks) but key is to just pick up where you left off and keep going.  Details of some of the photo projects I am currently working on can be found on my blog and my favourite photo-a-day challenge #fmsphotoaday that I am participating in is run by Fat Mum Slim and you can see details of how to get started with that here.
  • If you can – allocate some space in your budget for creative play. Visit your local art supply store and see what grabs your attention. Pick up some new supplies to explore. Even if you think you wont be good at painting with watercolours – the point is to have fun!  Give it a try – you may be surprised.
  • Some books that I love relating to creativity are The War of Art, The Firestarter Sessions and The Artists Way – if possible – definitely order these creativity focussed books or borrow from your library and give them a read! If you click on any of the images below it will take you to bookstore purchase page with free shipping 🙂


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Grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of giggles...
Get inspirational emails weekly!

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