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Here at Little girls with great big dreams we love to tell everyone about our favourite things!

sharing the love

Little girls with great big dreams is currently open to collaboration through sponsored posts. We are very interested in partnering with brands whose message is in line with our mission and vision.

You can read more about the Little girls with great big dreams experience here to determine if your product or service may be in line with what we are looking for. [ ABOUT LITTLE GIRLS WITH GREAT BIG DREAMS ]

Please contact us at renee (at) to discuss your product, your collaboration ideas and how you think this will all fit in with our readers and we will respond as soon as possible.


Some of the brands we have worked with in the past…


Shop Naturally

People shop with their eyes and get excited about beautiful imagery. I have no doubt that since we started collaborating with Little Girls With Great Big Dreams that the vibrant content of our social media pages has generated a whole lotta buzz for our brand that we didn’t have before. We are constantly getting comments about how great our products look and we can see sales trends following posting. Being included in photo collaborations increases our reach to audiences that we can’t normally reach on our own. This collaboration has now become an invaluable part of our brand.
Joanne Musgrave – Shop Naturally General Manager


The Gather Collective.

We have been fortunate to have Renee partnered with The Gather Collective for going on two years now. Her images resonate with our own pared back aesthetic and so having Renee capture real life moments with our products, inline with our own vision, has became integral to connecting with our shared social media audiences.
Fresh, new images shared across our social media platforms have extended conversations with our followers, and captured new attention from prospective clients. A valuable partnership – thankyou Renee! 


Erica Brooke Skincare.

I decided to use seek out a professional photographer because you just get taken more seriously if you have professional photos these days. There are so many options for people out there today so having great shots can give you that edge you might need. Every time I post a photo by Renee on social media it gets so much great feedback, my followers love them and so do I.
Renee you where fantastic to work with, very accommodating and I felt very lucky to have worked with you 🙂 Thank you so much.


Sacred Self.

To me, having professional photographs is a crucial part of an online business. They immediately improve the quality of the presentation of your website and marketing materials and so for me, this is a non-negotiable. When you see that someone has had professional photographs taken, it immediately demonstrates that they are taking their business seriously. It’s an investment in yourself, your brand and your business. As such, I only work with people whom I trust and respect. Renee Bell is one such professional who puts a great deal of love and time into her work. I always love the photos she takes of my products. Her creative input and attention to detail speak for themselves in the end results. I highly recommend Renee!


Happy Skincare.

I think the biggest result we’ve seen is the life that’s been injected into our social media accounts, mostly Instagram. The images you created are so incredible, eye catching, and colourful that they receive fantastic engagement on Instagram. It has been a wonderful weight off my shoulders to know I can go to my folder of “Amazing Renee Images” to select something to post today, instead of wracking my brain constantly trying to take my own ameteurish photos at the same time as juggling business and family.