A photography project for the summer holidays…

Here is a fun idea for a summer photography project!

January Photo a day | Summer photography project…

Celebrating the Aussie summer holidays, easy mornings, and fabulous adventures… One image per day, with words about each image.

summer photography project


You can see the full January 2014 photo a day project in images and words here…  But the basics are:

  • One photo per day depicting your summer holidays. The swimming, the sleep in’s, the trips to the beach, the adventures, the favourite toys or activities. The first day back at school, the craft days, the lazy pajamas + cartoons day(s)! So many options… Taken with your phone, or with your “real” camera it is up to you.
  • I choose to edit all of my images in black and white for consistency. Completely up to you!
  • I use my Canon DSLR for these January photo a day pics. I want the quality so I can print the book at the end, and I use my iPhone for everything else that happens throughout the days. But also – for me to use my ‘work’ camera it makes it all a little more intentional. Some days we do somewhat ‘plan’ the photo as I do have certain things I want to capture, or images that I have taken the year before that I want a similar shot to see the progress. But these images are all still very real life and each has a story or a reason behind it.
  • I plan to share the images on instagram and facebook each year, print them in a book from blurb once the month is over… (A peek at last January’s 2014 photo a day book below.)


summer photo a day project


I hope you are inspired now to start your own summer photography project!

I know that Liana and I both love looking back on our printed book from last year. So many wonderful things happened, that we may have forgotten if we hadn’t captured those memories somehow!  If you have any questions, or need inspiration of what to take a photo of message me in the comments below, or chat to me on facebook!

Have fun capturing summer memories! And for my overseas friends – you can either do a winter photo a day, or wait and do this in June/July for your summer holidays. Or both!

Some images from previous summer photography projects (2014-2016):


summer photography project collage


January 2016 – here

January 2015 – Part One here

January 2015 – Part Two here

January 2014 – here

Archive of Summer Photography projects here

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Also – if using your iPhone and instagram is more your style (and less writing) then check out this post on this second summer holiday photo a day version we did in 2015 using prompts from Fat Mum Slim #fmsphotoaday. This one was in colour and is super bright and colourful, but I love both versions equally so I generally try to do both each summer. All the details here.


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