Love Letters [received with so much gratitude!]


Renee! Thank you. Thank you so much for changing my life around. Making the small changes to start with as a result of our first session, opened so many opportunities and good just flooded in from all directions. 

I have noticed (and so have my friends and family) a huge change in my state of mind over the last 4mths. Looking back I should possibly have been quite concerned about my wellbeing before the coaching. I am now so incredibly happy. I am motivated. I have energy. I am the happiest, healthiest I have ever been. I have so much more knowledge and am continuing to strive for more - to investigate area's I may not have before, even things I thought could never happen are starting to unravel. 

I am loving the transformation in my life and the doors this has opened up for me! 

You are amazing Renee, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would be so happy to recommend you to anyone I know and love and be sure that they will come out the other end such better versions of themselves. 

Bianca Dopson, Photographer

Bianca Dopson


When I first came to Renee I was feeling incredibly stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated & not confident about my future path at all. There had been so many changes in my life in a very short space of time & I was experiencing so much overwhelm & uncertainty regarding which direction was next (or best for that matter). I truly had no idea where to start or how to move forward. I struggled to find my own voice & this combined with my inability to move past my own blocks were massively holding me back.

Working with Renee was so illuminating. The feeling of overwhelm has completely disappeared & instead I have a sense of clarity & calm. I feel so much more in control of what I want & how to get it. Renee has guided me to see past my own limiting self beliefs & has instilled a feeling of empowerment to start making some changes.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to work with Renee. I found her to be authentic & open & absolutely loved the energy she brought to the session. This has been an amazing, eye-opening experience. I can't wait to start implementing the positive changes in my life.

Zandri Banks



Renee, I feel so blessed to have followed your journey and been part of your life since 2007. You are an inspiration for me to self-love, health, creativity and following your dreams. I have loads of your beautiful photographic creations of my girls and I on my walls and many special moments with you and Liana in my heart.

I thoroughly enjoy receiving Little Girls with Great Big Dreams emails in my inbox, and look forward to reading every single blog post you create. I love following your journey, and so much of it resonates with my own dreams and wishes for my little family’s future.
You truly are inspiring xxx

Tiphanie Stephens



Working with Renee ~ Natural. Fun. Inspiring.

Renee's vision for Little Girls with Great Big Dreams ~ Enchanted. Wonderful. Warm-hearted.

Renee and Liana's relationship ~ Beautiful. Intimate. Soulful.

Kate Erlenbusch, Writer & Teacher  Kate Erlenbusch


Too often in this world time has become chief, what we are missing are the moments fully lived. 

As parents, we are all completely in love with our children. But what if we could commit to uplift, inspire and dream with our children, and live this life abundantly together? To always say you can, not you can’t. To do every day with passion, belief and dreams not complacency, habit and frivolous pursuits. 

It is so easy to become lost in the daily grind, and the power of aligning yourself with someone on the same mission as you is paramount. As someone I’ve had the absolute pleasure of having in my life (and many of my most treasured moments in recent years), and as a mother herself, I am so excited for you to lock arms with Renee. 

Renee exudes a beautiful, giving energy, and her relationship with Liana is one I can only hope I am matching with my two children. There is nothing more empowered, loving and inspiring than a mother who is connected and present with her children...

Jess Smith

Jess smith


Ohhhh yeah Renee! I LOVE your new offering! It flows beautifully and even as a non-Mum I found myself wanting to know more. 

"I don’t believe in false appearances, only illuminating your beauty as I see it.”
"Parenting is hard enough — you don’t need judgement and you won’t get it from me” 
"I’ll help unlock and celebrate your personal parenting style."…..

Those three statements really stood out. Your tone is warm, inviting, genuine and enticing and I honestly believe Mum's will be lining up wishing to work with you after reading your about page. It. Was. Fantastic! 

Liana is one lucky young lady to have such a loving role model, best friend and support and Mum in you. It warms my heart to see someone so dedicated and passionate about educating and empowering their daughter. Just gorgeous Renee. 

Liz Hynd, Creativity and Authenticity Coach + Writer

Liz Hynd


Treacy Mize

I just LOVE how you're progressing.  Your message is getting so clear, Renee!!!  Love all the mergers of your passions and how you communicate it. I know that's not an easy task. Beautiful writing, beautiful intro...  I'm so inspired!! 

Way to go!!!!!  (fist pump in the air, hand hug, pom-poms and air horns!!)

Treacy Mize, Photographer + Teacher, The Light Room



Freaking AWESOME seeing you kicking the goals you’re kicking Renee. Your writing is gorgeous (as I’ve commented on) and I can feeeeeel there is plenty emerging.

I love seeing things ′click in’ for kind, cool people.

Rachel MacDonald, Life + blog coach, In Spaces Between


I love love love Renee.  She is open-hearted, articulate, creative and compassionate.  Her list of credentials are amazing to me - she is a change agent, a leader and a catalyst.  

I have had the amazing synchronistic opportunity to spend time with Renee, working and exploring possibilities.  Renee is the real deal.  She cares, has incredible resources and is there for you.   

Little Girls With Great Big Dreams is a perfect meeting of the mind, body and soul.  Coaching is what you do best -  handholding with a little (or a lot) of guidance and a touch of accountability thrown in so that results occur effortlessly.  Ummm - where do I sign up?  

Maria Davis, Medical Intuitive


Renee is a gorgeous person and her passion and enthusiasm for life always inspires me! When I speak with her, she makes me think about what it means to be a mum, a person, a global citizen. 

I am so excited to see where Renee heads with her Little Girls with Great Big Dreams project - as with everything Renee does, she pours her heart and soul into it and seeks the best for those she is working with. A desire to help and beautify those around her! 

Renee and Liana have one of the most amazing mother/daughter connections that I have witnessed. Renee listens to her daughter, not only to what she is saying but also to what she isn't saying. I only hope I am as in tune with my kids as she is and as I watch the nurturing and development that Renee infuses into her everyday life with Liana, her self and her business I can only imagine the greatness that can come in the future!

Emma Jackson

Emma Jackson


Renee is creative, inspirational and strives for personal development and growth.

Though what I admire most about her is the relationship she has with her gorgeous daughter Liana. Having just had a daughter myself, I would be incredibly happy if she shares the same attributes that Liana has - loving, respectful and confident.

Renee's new project Little girls with great big dreams is very exciting and I look forward to seeing where Renee will take it. 

Julie Le  Julie Le


Renee…I LOVE everything about your gorgeous newsy newsletter!!! Your new bio, the description of your website (so cohesive and clarified), your blog post categories, your new photo…geesh, EVERYTHING!! 

You are so very talented and this FEELS like you. All the different tangents and directions your heart has been leading you to since I’ve known you, all rolled into one fabulous package…One that makes complete sense!!

Valerie Fuller


Jenny Orenstein

Renee, I love your Little Girl With Great Big Dreams site! 

WOWEEE.. If I was a mother and finding it hard to find MY way I would so completely sign up. Oh gee. I actually have tears in my eyes because I know how many mothers you are going to touch. I am SO proud of you seriously!! I love it so so much. Oh my!!!!

Jenny Orenstein, mind + body + soul coach





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