The best year [reflection and intention setting for your kids]

the best year

January Photo a Day project is back in full swing (taking a photo a day over our Summer Holidays) and today Liana completed a fun worksheet reviewing her 2015 and planning for 2016.

The worksheet allowed space for her to reflect on 2015 – her favourite memories, lessons learned, and biggest achievements and then to plan and set some goals for 2016.

Liana says:

I really loved  filling this out. It was lots of fun making it colorful and drawing things in all the little gaps. I found that a lot of the goal setting and things to work on had a lot to do with my blog, so now I know that that is one of the key things for me to work on in 2016 and will definitely strive to achieve that. This was lots of fun and I would gladly do it again, I look forward to keeping this and looking back at it later in the year to see how I am going with my goals!!  Thanks for sharing it with me Mum!

The best year – reflection and intention setting

the best year worksheet


little girls with great big dreams, hearts


2 favourite memories from 2015 :: the day I first met Zoe (my baby sister), when Mum and I first started using essential oils.

3 things I am grateful for from 2015 :: my blog, my house and my family.

1 hard lesson learned in 2015 :: to be more organised and on task (and to not talk in class!)

1 thing I did in 2015 that I am proud of :: I got an academic excellence award!!!


little girls with great big dreams, hearts


3 places I want to go in 2016 :: Vanuatu, Disney Land Paris, Canada.

2 ways I can help others in 2016 :: by being kind and by being joyful.

1 thing I want to get better at in 2016 :: writing on my blog.

2 things I am looking forward to in 2016 :: being a senior student, and blogging more.

3 things I want to try in 2016 :: to learn how to use Photoshop, to collaborate with other bloggers, to learn to cook more yummy foods.



Such a wonderful project to get your children to really think about how they can make so many of their plans and dreams come true, and that ultimately they hold the power to help this happen… I have lots more to share on this topic soon, but in the meantime grab a copy for your kids (or for yourself) and see what they come up with!  Please let us know in the comments below how they enjoyed it and any interesting or surprising) outcomes!!!

Most of what Liana said I expected – she has wanted to go to Canada forever, though I am not sure where Paris came from?? The food, the blogging, the essential oils and Photoshop – pretty spot on!

Cant wait to hear what you all think!

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  • Liana kathrynJanuary 4, 2016 - 7:09 pm

    As I said, this was so much fun. I definitely recommend it!
    As for Paris, I want to go to Disney Land,so if I’m going there, why not see the Eifel Tower as well!ReplyCancel