We got a rescue kitten!


A lot of people are surprised at this news, maybe it seems like I am not an animal person, haha. I guess for the majority of cases, I am not really an animal person. Liana, is ABSOLUTELY an animal person, haha. For me it is kinda like with babies and kids – I adore my own, but not the kind of person that wants to hug other people’s. But mostly it has been about circumstance and not being sure when we will move house next and therefore not wanting to complicate things with a pet…

Liana and I had spoken about getting a kitten for a while, it was always a “someday” thing, and as fate would have it, this little cutie came into our lives at the perfect time. We visited a friend who had adopted her from Cat Rescue Port Stephens a week before and due to circumstances changing had to return her that very day. At this point – the very fact that she was available set the wheels in motion and there was no turning back… We needed (wanted) this kitten! We were adopting a cat, and nothing like a last minute decision – we picked her up the very next day!!

She was 11 weeks old (born on the 11/11) and had already been given the name Nigella, and we decided that it suited, so stuck with that… So let us introduce you to my newest favourite thing to photograph – Nigella (Or sometimes, Jel)


rescue cat newcastle

cat rescue port stephens


Nigella has settled right in at home with us, she is a beautiful girl – very affectionate, has these adorable little noises she makes that are so hilarious (thought she does them more to me than when Liana is around – not sure why?) and has generally made this little house of ours a more complete home. She loves to run and go crazy for short periods of time, and then sleep sleep sleep as all cats do 😉 She is super cuddly when she is in the mood for it, and loves to sleep on my desk chair, or on my desk while I am working some days! Though – the fact that she has now discovered the blinking cursor on my computer screen makes things interesting when I am actually trying to work!

As I mentioned above, we did get Nigella from a rescue centre so please check back over the coming months as we share more about our new family member, how she is settling in, where we got her from and of course, lots more photos. Liana will also be writing about how having a pet has changed things for her and how hard it is to focus sometimes when there is so much temptation of cuddles and cuteness.


rescue cat


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