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Welcome to the little girls with great big dreams new website

2017 brings about so many changes…

I cant even begin to put to words why I just want to move forwards from 2016, but this new year feels good. It feels big, expansive, freeing. So very exciting.

Liana and I spent the summer holidays slowly and gently preparing for the new year. December 2016 brought about the end of primary school, and so quite literally now begins the second phase of her life journey. As of 2 days ago she is a high school student at a fabulous school near our home town. An academically selective school that she earned a position at and I am so incredibly proud of all the effort on both our parts that resulted in this offer. It was a long process, and a stressful decision about 6mths ago whether to take up the offer (it means that she is at a different school from most of her best friends, along with travel time to get to and from each day, and a considerable workload of homework and study) but already we both know that this was absolutely the best outcome, and she is loving each new day at her school and very excited for the next. I am absolutely certain that will continue!

Along with this new phase on Liana’s journey comes my journey with the new Little girls with great big dreams. Our gorgeous online inspiration space – re designed, re written and with big big plans for 2017 and beyond. If you are reading this post – it means she is here and ready for the world to experience!!! I so hope you love her! (Would you mind telling me what you think in the comments below?)

Stay in the loop. (That’s where all the fun is).


New articles will be created for this site at a rapid pace as I build up an incredible library of resources for all those Mamas and teen/tween girls out there who are ready to grow through gratitude, good health, grace and plenty of giggles. We want to reach as many of you as possible so please join the mailing list, follow us on social media and (if you care to) tell all your friends to come and check us out. 

This first school term of the year I plan to immerse in content creation, and devote a lot of time to guide Liana as she settles into her new routines so you may not see or hear too much from me initially. We have so much exciting stuff planned, and for me it means adjusting to new routines also – with earlier school drop offs and Liana returning home later than she did last year – it means I have more time in my day, but also a busier afternoon and evening to cram all the after school ‘stuff’ in to… So many options!

As for what is coming :: Think online courses and e books, physical product ranges for girls of all ages with great big dreams, and in person events incorporating health + wellness and everything in between. We are also looking to have special photo shoot days for all you girls out there to get some gorgeous photos of yourselves taken by an amazing professional photographer (aka – me!)  Is there anything else you want to see from us? If so please contact and let us know!

And the 2 and 5 year plans for little girls with great big dreams – oh boy am I excited to get to work on those…. More to share about that exciting news later in the year!

For now, as I said thank you so much for being here… Please take a look around, immerse yourself in all we have to offer and become a part of our virtual playspace. I do hope you stick around for the journey!

If you like, click on the below image which will take you to the info / about page. Enjoy!!!

Renee xx


little girls with great big dreams new website


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  • Kylie BevanApril 27, 2017 - 9:18 pm

    Enjoying watching it unfold Renee!ReplyCancel

    • littlegirls_greatbigdreamsMay 1, 2017 - 2:36 pm

      Thank you so much Kylie!!! Happy to have you here reading and hope you are fabulous xxReplyCancel