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wild, well and creative


Wild, Well and Creative.

I have had many conversations with clients and friends lately about “hobbies” and how life changes when your hobbies become your “job”.  As anyone who has run their own business or worked from home will know, the lines between work time and play time can become very blurred. There is no suffering through the day, then switch off at 5pm and go and do what you really love. In theory what we choose to do all day long we love, or we wouldn’t be doing it at all.

But sometimes, there is a lot of pressure to do the work that pays the bills, and so the work that fuels our creativity, relaxes our minds and is a break from the regular day to day routine (the stuff that others might consider a hobby) gets left to the side. Waiting till there is time, till everything else is done.

As a photographer I often find myself in that situation. Wanting to take photos for the sake of taking photos, but constantly thinking about my business, social media + attracting new clients. Paying the bills! Is there a purpose to what I am doing right now? Will it turn into a great instagram or facebook post? Could I write a blog post around this image?  The internal chatter is endless! The ever exciting day to day life of a one woman enterprise!

This blog of mine is a perfect example of a passion that is being somewhat neglected. I go through spurts of creating for this site, but for so long, it has been only for when I have spare time (Ha ! What is spare time?) and more of a 5 year plan, than a right now project. But I so desperately want it to be a right now project!

Gradually over the last year I have been chipping away behind the scenes and creating more and more content, planning and brainstorming. The last few months especially, I have been collaborating and connecting with other artists and business owners on exciting plans that I have. I am really happy to say that I am so close to liftoff for this site with some very exciting things in the pipelines…

But of course, it took a lot of effort to get to this point, and working with the guidance of Claire Baker in her program Wild Well and Creative e course has been a big part of changing my mindset about living a creative life, and what that means for me.  How I can balance the part of my creativity that earns my income and pays my bills, with time to relax, along with the exploration of new ideas and getting out of my comfort zone…


“Wild, Well & Creative is an online course that provides a safe space and framework for you to explore your creative desires, while providing you with a plethora of practical, actionable tips to manifest a genuinely creative life.”


WWC wild, well and creative


From working with fears and the inner critic, to following your feminine cycles and finding flow, to setting boundaries and getting serious about self care, the course is designed to help you crack your own unique code for creativity, and then cultivate an environment that will allow it to flourish.

Our emphasis at all times is on taking inspired action (through creative dares, training, and self-discovery) and embedding sustainable habits, routines and rituals into your daily life.


Some of the ideas sparked from this e course content has had me reach out to local businesses to collaborate. It has encouraged me create for the sake of creating. To put systems in place for managing the thousands of images I take every few months. To spend time with Liana getting messy with paint and craft paper. To make the time to edit and print personal photos non negotiable. The content that I have been sharing on my Instagram has changed, and this visual gorgeousness I am creating has had others reach out wanting to work with me. Things are starting to flow again, and that, is so so exciting!


little girls with great big dreams, hearts


Claire has recently opened up enrollments for her Wild, Well and Creative program and the course starts again on Feb 8th 2016. One of the big advantages of signing up to this course is you get lifetime access, and you can participate again and again as many times as you like.  I am looking forward to going through the content again over the next few months, and digging out some paints and pencils and getting messy and creative!!!  If you wish to join in please check out more information on the program here and please comment below or message me if you have any questions…

**If you do sign up to the Wild, Well and Creative program using my link, I will earn a small commission. Because of this, I would love to send you a little gift in the mail to get you started on your creative journey. Please contact me for more details on this, and/or to give me your address details once you sign up so I can get it in the post for you asap!
I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Are you living a creative life? What are you going to do today to make space to find yourself a new hobby, or to fall in love with an old one again…

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  • Claire BakerJanuary 29, 2016 - 8:47 pm

    This is absolutely amazing!!! I love hearing how WWC inspired so many areas of your life Renee. This excites me endlessly. It was a pleasure to have you as a first-rounder and I can’t WAIT for round two either. You’re amazing xReplyCancel