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“I started this course, having seen and felt the vision I had for my business project Little Girls with Great Big Dreams (about 2 years ago now) but still with no idea where to take it…

I knew that even if I didn’t follow the path of being a Youth Mentor in a traditional sense that the course would help me some how and in some way as a parent. And that it did, particularly a few little things right at the start re the teen brain and the way they learn/experience really resonated with me. So I wanted to say a big huge thanks to you Amanda for putting this course out to the universe, and for all the amazing resources you have brought together into the one place. The member’s portal is a treasure trove of information, resources and inspiration and I still have so much to explore in there! It has helped me incredibly as a parent to understand how my daughter is growing and developing, and also to look back and consider how hard some things may have been for me at that time, and what could possibly have helped. My daughter and I are now busily preparing our first workshop for teen girls!”

Renee Bell


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Do you dream of creating a space for girls where they can:

Be open and honest with no judgement,

develop important life skills

& completely embrace the person they truly are within?

Do you want to:

Empower them,

help them feel like they are enough,

& share what you’ve learned with them?


Then you should most definitely checkout the Shine from Within Youth Mentor training with the amazing Amanda Rootsey.




Amanda and I have [virtually] met a few times over the last few years in online courses we have both attended and then again while studying at the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy in 2014. I had always loved Amanda’s vision of working with teen girls and had contacted her a few times to ‘keep me posted’ on any future developments in her business and if she ever ended up offering any training programs.

Amanda has been teaching and presenting to teen girls on and off for over 12 years, since she was a teen herself! She’s built up an arsenal of qualifications over the years in business, events management, life coaching, youth mentoring, wellness, eating disorder prevention and more.

What an amazing lady to learn from!

After working for other training schools, Amanda founded Shine From Within in 2012. For the past 4 years, Amanda and her small team have been dedicated to educating and inspiring hundreds of teen girls to truly shine, inside and out.


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As I mentioned above, when I first heard about Amanda’s Shine From Within youth mentor training course earlier this year I knew it sounded AMAZING. I had even been looking at Amanda’s Shine From Within events for tween and teen girls for Liana to attend, but the timing had never worked out for us to travel to the Sunshine Coast for her to attend. But I wasn’t sure if the time was right for me to commit to another course… I have a lot going on just being a mum and trying to run my photography business, my health is still a bit up and down and although I have big plans for Little girls with great big dreams, I knew that they were still a year or so off being fully formed. Also with Liana being in Year 6 currently and being accepted into a selective high school next year and planning to move there away from all her friends, I truly wanted my attention to be on refining some aspects our own relationship and home life, rather than focusing so much on helping others at the detriment of ‘us’.  Sometimes we do need to be a little bit selfish and put ourselves first!

After lots of thinking, however, I decided to leap in and just go for it. I told myself I was going into the course to learn and absorb as much as I could but with no pressure or rush to create any programs or content. I trusted that it would help me as much as a Mum, as it did as a business owner and potential teen mentor.


And I am so happy that I did sign up!!


I learnt a lot about how teen girls develop that I had never really thought of (and of course when you are the teen girl and in that space, you don’t really see things from the same perspective) and so many ways that I can slightly change my perspective on things to help Liana. I have been exposed to some amazing teachers that I may never have come across on my own, and lots and lots of books on teen development that I am currently reading my way through (and loving!) It has been an absolutely pleasure to be mentored by Amanda.  [Plus a huge shout out to all the other amazing ladies who did the first round of the course with me – so many fab new friends!]


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Not only did I complete this youth mentor training course with Amanda over 4 or so months and attend a lovely day with my training group in Melbourne in August, BUT *squeal*, just last month Liana and I were so excited to travel to the Sunshine Coast QLD to spend the week with Amanda. Liana attended the week long teen personal development course with 8 other amazing teen girls (Liana in the yellow shirt and glasses in the shot above :). ) In addition to that I volunteered for 3 of the days so I was able to see first hand how these amazing events run, and I was photographer on the 4th day where each of the girls were able to do their own makeup, have a 1:1 session with a personal stylist to help choose their outfits and then be photographed by myself and another lovely lady to capture amazing images of themselves.

It was such an incredible experience and one that both Liana and I will write more about soon along with me sharing lots of amazing info I have been gathering as part of this course and my further research…


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Sign up now for Youth Mentor training…

Right now though, I am excited to share that Amanda is opening up enrollments for her Youth Mentor Training online program to new students generally 1-2 times per year. Look out for the next enrollment coming mid 2017!


The course is delivered via six modules, a new one being delivered each fortnight including videos, PDF downloads, audios & group coaching calls as well as specialist interviews with a panel of experts & guest teachers.  Topics include your why, duty of care for working with adolescents, how to connect and engage with young people, curriculum development + planning workshops, marketing, business and so so many bonuses.

You can see all of the info on what is included in this course here…

Because I am a proud affiliate of this program I would love to answer any questions you might have about my experiences with it, so please contact me if you want to chat about any aspect of the course via phone or email before you enrol. You can of course also contact Amanda via her page to chat to her about the course. If you do decide to sign up to the program via my link I would love to offer you a 90 minute 1:1 life or business coaching and strategy session at the end of the course (read all about my qualifications and training here) and I will also send you something sparkly and fun in the mail as my gift to you. I will be revising the material of the course again each time it runs, so will be active in our amazingly supportive facebook community and we can chat in there also!

(If you do want to go ahead with this offer please make sure to use the correct link to sign up, please send me a quick message if you like and I can explain all the terms and conditions to you) otherwise sign up via this link for youth mentor training with Amanda Rootsey.

Either way, even if being a Youth Mentor or this course isn’t for you right now, be sure to check out Amanda’s website, follow her on social media for all of her latest news, and keep an eye on the book shelves in your local store as she is writing a book for teen girls due out next year!!!  Liana and I are total #fangirls so we will be first in line to buy a copy as soon as we can (or several)


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